The Heaven-Falling Wolf by Benjamin Seeberger

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Once upon a time, a wolf fell from the sky. She was a lucky wolf, though, who was caught by a wandering eagle. The eagle, though, wasn't really an eagle, but the sorceror Bu Tha Ge in disguise. Bu Tha Ge came from a kingdom in the south, and one day grew so bored with his life as a court magician, that while looking longingly outside his window one day, turned into an eagle and since then, for twenty-three years, has wandered the skies searching for falling objects the gods would throw down in their idle lives.

As the eagle Bu Tha Ge was carrying the frightened wolf in his ferocious, magical claws, he saw that it was actually a woman wearing the furs of the great and terrible beast, the Wolf of the Downs. Bu Tha Ge was so frightened that he nearly dropped the beautiful woman, and beside himself, set her in a broken boat floating aimlessly on the sea.

When the woman awoke, she saw she was alone. Over the next few days as the boat wandered the seas, she saw wondrous things: lights in the skies, great and awesome beasts fighting on the horizon, ghost and demon ships floating in from the edge of the sky, and disappearing just as quickly. Soon, however, she began to feel hungry, as there was no food on the boat. There was strangely, an axe though, and no sooner than she found the axe, did she find her boat wandering through a fog-laden grove of giant mangroves. She also heard a voice crying out in the darkness of the fog. Gathering her strength, she hefted the axe and began to cut her way through the sea-trees, and found a small, young boy with bright golden hair crying on a sandbank.