Scars of The Capable by Kor Psyke

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This had always annoyed him, as it had given him a headache. The intruder slipped into the house while the man had his back turned. As he crept through the upper-middle class home, he heard noises upstairs that seemed to be coming closer. He found a walk-in closet.
"Lee?" the man spoke. "Make sure you lock all the windows upstairs. Captain Jensen says there's some whack-o on the loose. Don't worry too much though, no idiot would hide in an occupied house." The intruder laughed to himself. They had no idea how right they were. No idiot would hide in an occupied house, but he was no idiot.
The intruder was completely hidden in a corner behind what seemed to be hundreds of dresses. The phone rang again. He pressed himself to the door, waiting for the man that Lee called Don, to hang up with the police. He heard the click of the phone connecting with the base and burst out of the closet screaming. The terrified couple were huddled in a corner in the living room.
"Now here's how this is going to work!" The man yelled. He loved it when he yelled at scared people, it brought him a sense of control. He commanded them into the closet he had once tenanted. He walked into the kitchen and unlocked the back door, slipping out. Don and Lee hid in the closet until morning, when Don finally mustered the courage to check if the "whack-o," still resided there or not.
The police knew they were losing this battle, and they were fearing that more casualties would come. They were desperate and unwilling to give up.
"Chief, take a look at this..." they had caught on to the pattern.
He made his way up the steps, and rang the doorbell. A middle-aged woman with an ample stomach appeared at the door.
"What do you want?" She asked.
"Nothing really, I lived here a while ago and just wanted to see the house again."
"I'm bus-" she was cut off as he pushed past her and walked into his former residence. He traveled quickly into the basement and sifted through the junk the the woman had piled. He knew it was in here somewhere, it was only a matter of where it was hidden. He came to a secret latch under an old rug that was smothered by a box of rags. He had found it...
Nathan Maddox was a master climber on the ladder of business. He loved the challenge of being the best in any job he chose or was given. By the time he managed to work under the CEO of some major corporation, he would vanish and find a new job. Once he'd find himself high in rank, he'd again disappear. Now and again Maddox would run into someone from a previous life, but he'd play it off as deja vu, so well in fact, that they believed him. Over the years, Maddox became a class-A liar, almost to the point that he could convince someone that they were wrong about something, even when the deep down knew that they were right.
He closed the trap door when he heard pounding upstairs.
"The cops are here." He muttered. "Good." He scrambled around the hidden room until he found a pull-chain for a light. He could feel a few years worth of cobwebs and dust as he grasped the chain, pulling it downward.

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