Lockdown - 11 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: In theory, the first 10 chapters will be called 'Part One - The First Day', and these next ten chapters will be called 'Part Two - Influence Felt'. In theory.

Chapter 11 Nimessa Kappa Tayan Interest Sites

--/The Day Before Day 1 (Day 1) 22:51 Hours/--
--/Tayan Primary Barracks Officers Quarters/--

Davan hated this place. He hated everything about it, from the grey dust that kicked up as soon as you took a single step, to the ever present flicker of the environment shield overhead, protecting every sentient thing on this rock from the cold, hard vacuum of space. To Davan Green-Wyld, Nimessa Kappa would forever be drenched in pain and sorrow.

He was moving quickly, too quickly to pass off as normal. The officer section was nearly deserted, his keen senses detecting three inhabitants nearby, but all seemed to be asleep. His own temporary quarters were nearby, he was entitled to be here, his temporary rank of Junior Lieutenant had entitled him to that much. He wished he'd never taken this assignment.

He thrust the door open to his room, reminded of how sparsely inhabited it was. He moved through it, quickly pulling off his combat uniform and tossing it to the floor. There was a small service mirror nearby and for a moment he caught sight of his own face. One good eye stared back at him. He looked away, that dead eye carried only accusations.

You were supposed to care, you were supposed to protect them! His conscious screamed at him. It wasn't supposed to happen like this!!

He snarled to himself then, standing naked in the almost total darkness. He pushed it all away from him, he had to get away from here, he had to make his escape. He moved to his clothes locker, finding only his civilian clothes and his dress uniform inside. He grabbed the civilian clothes, pulling them on quickly, he wouldn't need that uniform ever again.

He grabbed his personal effects, his lockpick kit, his electro-probes and his sidearm. He didn't need anything else. Then, without looking back, he left the small, cold room behind.

The corridor was low-lit, there was probably a power conservation act in effect while the main body of troops housed here were still engaged. This suited him just fine. He began to run.

--/+1 minute 52 seconds/--
--/Officer Quarters Supply Storeroom/--

The door offered no resistance to his lockpicks. It slid open silently and Davan slipped inside. It was more of a cupboard really, rather than a storeroom. It had only two shelving units, one on each wall, stocked with ration packs, water canteens, spare fatigues and sheets. Lots of sheets, for some reason. The Nethrek obviously liked their creature comforts, Davan thought, most Tayans preferred to sleep on rough surfaces. He started to reach up for a clutch of ration packs, when his foot caught against something shoved under the bottom shelf.

He stopped for a moment, confused. Pulling his foot away, he found that it had become caught in the strap of a black, Nethrek military issue backpack. His eyes narrowed as his keen nose picked up a familiar scent. There was the scent of sadness and desperation upon it.

He picked up the backpack, seeing that it was open. Inside was a clutch of Tayan specialised ration packs, a few water bottles and a passenger liner ticket tucked into a brochure advertising a planet called Sisra.

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