Mage Wind by Jason Damman

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SUMMARY: This is the story of a slave, running from slavery and attempting to find his place in life. His goal is to become a mage, not that he yet realises it. This is not the full story. If people like it enough, I will develop it into a trilogy.

Chapter One.
It was pitch black inside the stables. I couldn't see a thing. I stumbled about in the darkness, feeling around to find my way to where my chosen horse was silently waiting. I knew these stables like the back of my hand. I knew where I was now, even though all I could see in front of me was black. I silently counted each step I took. Ten steps to the right, five to the left and there I was. I opened the pen to where the horse was and quietly prepared it for the long journey ahead. After thirty minutes, I led the horse out to the back where I wouldn't be seen and I slipped away from the stables on this slender black horse, in a hope of finding a new life. I was running away, leaving everything I have ever known or owned. Not that a slave has that many personal belongings anyway. How could I live a life as a slave in this town of drunks and brutes? To leave is my own decision, probably the best I've made. I was born in this kingdom, the kingdom of Isaar as a slave. I have slaved in the stables since the age of 7. Now I'm 16. There's nothing for me here so why stay? To live in a world of slavery and accept it is a waste of my own life. I want to see mountains, oceans and to fall in love on my travels, settle down somewhere to make a family.
I've worked in the stables for 9 years, watching and planning my eventual escape. Now the time has come. I'm ready but It's not easy. It's cold, raining and my legs are trembling, I haven't even left the town square. It's taken all night to prepare, stealing all the food and paraphenalia for my travels.
The horse, I named Ged, was at a slow walk, trying to get the better of the pouring rain and press on, for he knew of what would eventually be after us. The guards shift change would be in effect by the time we got to the gates, so we should be able to slip through. The gates loomed towards us in the darkness and I could make out the glow of the guard house. I strained my eyes, looking for any movement. I couldn't see anyone or anything in this weather so I'd have to risk it. I pressed on nervously, glancing to my sides for any sign of discovery. I was halfway through the gates when I heard a shout. My heart skipped a beat and my stomach heaved. I kicked Ged in the side, hard, he whinnied and galloped through the gates. I knew they'd waste no time in coming for me. Slaves were valuable, there wern't that many left. I kept Ged at a gallop, hanging on for my life. The reigns were wet and the saddle was slippery but I kept going. I couldn't see, I was blinded by the rain and I was trying to keep it from my eyes. I don't know how long we were racing for, my eyes were stinging from the rain which felt like it was drilling into my body. I was holding onto the reigns with one hand, trying to wipe my eyes with the other. I closed my eyes and prayed. I finally slipped from the saddle and fell into darkness.
I woke up, dazed, remembering only falling into nothingness. I sat up on my elbows, my eyes adjusting to the brightness of the room. This room was warm and welcoming. The sun filtered through some old, dirty windows on the far wall of the bedroom, the rays bouncing across the room and covering the bed in a bright radiance.

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