Welcome by Justin Thomas Squires

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SUMMARY: Just a short Peice I did

Well Sir,

Let me be the first to welcome you to this new level of lowness. You must have messed up bad some where down the path if you have joined me here, in this place. It gets cold at times, you will grow acustomed to it. Darkness seems only fare. To see this surrounding is to choke on your own tongue. Let us not be friends, but only serve as reminders that this is cruelty in the purest state it exists. Stay close to your chains, and from the view of them. They do not take our being here lightly. Once they have found you, you only feel colder, more transparent to your sanity. It will indeed happen, but try your hardest to postpone the event. I must say, you are the unluckiest of them all. I had never seen such a sad looking fool in this dampened pit untill I laid my trembled eyes on your pale figure. Those chains are fitting. You will thirst for liquids, and your stomache will ache for solids, but you will recieve none. Exciting, but you will not need them anylonger. I would forget how to use those things you call... what where they called again? Oh yes, those "feelings" of yours. Yes it is best to forget.

Did I say it gets cold down here?

Why yes, I believe I have already said that.

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