H.E. The Turning (1. Birth of Tortaurus) by Frank Carentz

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SUMMARY: Part two of the Prologue. The Turning is broken into chunks of time during the Harrowed Earth setting that are dedicated to important events in the settings history. This is dedicated to the birth of Tortaurus.

Age:The Turning (Birth of Tortaurus)
Year: 2269

Decades passed. His Dark Presence had ruled absolutely and grown bored with the world. The Patrons of his various children had slowly altered a great number of their enslaved masses into their own twisted visage. In doing so they had found that the experiments of the Dark Father had actually reconstructed much of their cellular make up, so much so that their experimental deformities had begun to be passed down throughout the generations of those who had been subjected to the alterations.

These new species that now dominated the once lush and beautiful earth had forgotten of their heritage and looked to the humans with disgust and disdain. They looked upon mankind as if they were the filth of the world and not fit to share their space, treating them like animals.

Until one man, Gregory Prentice rose against the captors and their legions of unholy degradation. He rallied the broken human spirit, slaughtering their captors and releasing others as they went. Travelling across the barren plains the human army swept, spirits high and ever vigilant they marched and fought their way to the gates of His Dark Presence's fortress.

There, beneath the black, rusted metal walls they fought. Their mettle met with every foul creature His Dark Presence had ever envisioned...until finally they met with unbridled might Gor-Ga'roth the first Praefectus and personal guard to His Dark Presence. It was Gor-Ga'roth that brought the rebellion to an end, his Harvesters cut down the human scourge like wheat in a field, torso's were severed from legs, limbs from torso and heads from necks, until finally Gor-Ga'roth captured Prentice. The human resistance was re-enslaved and Prentice was brought before His Dark Presence.

His Dark Presence was amused with the exploits of Prentice, enthralled with his passion and faith. It was these things that brought His Dark Presence to the decision to perform one final experiment. The Dark Father slowly committed and prolonged every torture imaginable to Prentices frail human body. Gouging him with needles, stretching his joints, burning his flesh, depriving him of senses, enhancing others...Each torture more sever than the last, in an ever growing ladder of pain and suffering until Prentice could feel no more. Until finally he had become numb to pain all together. Prentice was then filled with a portion of His Dark Presence's' essence forging him to be the Patron of a new lineage of children, one which would come to be known as the Sati-Tormentus.

It was when Prentice appeared to the masses that he acquired his new name and title, a word being chanted by the other Patrons and their clans, Tortaurus. As a gift from His Dark Presence to his new Son, Tortaurus found himself with his very own Praefectus' , and un-altered slaves, those humans who had joined him in life, would now serve him in his death. And so Tortaurus did recreate his once subordinate human friends and twist them in his own image. Tortured souls void of color and unknown to pain.