goodbye, i'm sorry ( a poem) by darcy greyson

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SUMMARY: this is a farewell poem in honor of my friend who died on saturday. he was an amazing person and he'll be missed.

good bye.
so long.
we'll miss you.

tears are the language of our sorrow
and yet you see no tears here.
none of us can say goodbye to our own
and we can't just cry alone.
we'll miss you on the inside
and it'll be harder
but everyone will think we're fine.

we didn't understand how the sun
could shine today
and expose the cheap beauty
of the early spring
while all we want is a downpour
to cover our misery, if only for a while.

and everyone has been saying
this isn't how he would want it
he'd want us to smile and be happy.
but how can we
when his flame has been extinguished
and the world is that much darker.

i've always been told i make lemonade
out of lemons
but how can i make lemonade
when all the sugar in the world has left?
how can i make lemonade
when my lemon tree has died?

so goodbye, i miss you
we all miss you
and wish you could come back
if only it was for a minute
for even those who didn't take time to know you
need you now that you're gone.

so long.
we'll miss you.