The Long Walk Home Part 1 by Gerard T Joseph

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SUMMARY: This is the story of an old man, who is climbing a legendary mountain to die at its peak

Alneezar struggled up the last few steps and turned to look down. Around 20 friends and family stood smiling, waving and some were crying. Alneezer felt tears running down his face despite his best efforts to stay strong. He looked at his wrinkled hands and thought back on his life in Fernos, his home town. He had worked on his farm for the majority of his 70 years and he could happily say he had no regrets at all. None. He had 3 beautiful children (Mera, Alman and Sam) and a wife whom he could always rely on. His wife and children stood watching him at the bottom of the stairs, each smiling proudly with all of the others. Alneezars life was drawing to a close and he could die at any moment, so he was doing what everyone else near death did. Walking the path that coiled around the Mountain of Myth. No one but the sick climbed this mountain and as a result no one knew what resisded on the mountain, but Alneezar was ready and he felt no fear. He wiped a tear from his face, gave one last wave and turned to begin his journey up the mountain, leaving his life behind him.

The path was easy to walk upon and Alneezar was making good progress. He didnt know if anyone had ever made it to the top, but that is what he intended to do. He could still see Fernos, but mist had begun to settle in and the town would soon fade from view. This thought struck the old man and he decided to turn and look at his home town one last time. His little farm looked beautiful as the sun sunk behind the distant mountains, casting a plethora of colours upon the surrounding clouds. It was a nice night to walk. Alneezar sighed deeply and walked into the thickening mist.

The mist grew so thick that Alneezar had to hold his stick in front of him so that he didnt trip over any boulders or walk into the side of the mountain. Just as his spirits began to fade, the mist cleared very suddenly revealing what lay in front of the old man. His grip tightened as he looked upon something he didnt expect to see.... a house, which was clearly occupied judging by the smoke billowing from the chimney. He decided that it would be possible to walk past the house unchecked so he began walking forward taking no notice of the little house. Suddenly the door opened, sending a spasm of fear through the old mans fragile body.
Ive only been walking for 3 hours and already my final journey looks toendthought Alneezar fearfully. He looked to see the person who bring about his end. What he seen surprised him. A man walked through the door who looked older than him, a mass of white hair making him look incredibly wise.
The man stared at Alneezar.

"Not had one of the dead walk past this house in a while" the man said in a deep commanding voice. "And what would your name be, my friend?"

Alneezar steadied himself and replied.

"I am Alneezar" he said bowing weakly, "And im not dead quite yet"

The old man laughed heartily, holding his beard as if for support.

"No, no of course not, but you climb this mountain to die, yes? Only Dead men may walk the Mountain of Myth....

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