H.E. The Turning (2. Fall of the Dark Father) by Frank Carentz

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SUMMARY: Third entry for the Prologue of the Harrowed Earth Setting.

Age: The Turning (Fall of the Dark Father)
Year: 2284

Some fifteen years after his rebirth as a Patron, Tortaurus grew sickened by His Dark Presence's supreme rule over all and once again rose in arms against the Dark Father. Armed with a fearless army of painless warriors and secrets granted him through the spiral of madness which had brought him to this state of being he felt certain this time that nothing, not even the other Patrons or Praefectus could stand in his way.

Once again they stormed the fortress of His Dark Presence, but this time it was not for freedom, for faith or mankind. No, this time if was for power, this time if was for Tortaurus and Tortaurus alone! The waling pitch of madness echoing form the spinning blades of the Sati drowned out the cries of the Homine-Mechanicus and slowly drove them into a screaming frenzy of madness. The blades of the Sati foot soldiers made quick work of the vital parts of their mechanical brothers as they sliced their way to His Dark Presence's main gates. With surgical precision the cold and calculating Sati army cut through the defenses of His Dark Presence's outer wall.
The battle ensued within the walls for three days, until finally the army of the Sati stood at the steps of His Dark Presence's anti-chambers. Tortaurus pursued to call out his Dark Father to combat, challenging him for the right of Dominion over the factions, challenging his Divine power and command.

His Divine Presence accepted the challenge and the two fought in plain view of all beneath a rust colored sky. His Divine Presence knew this day would come, as well he knew that it would be Tortaurus that would do the challenging, and more so, he knew that neither would win. For Tortaurus had already endured every pain His Dark Presence could imagine he had traveled through the Spiral of madness and returned with secrets unknown even to His Dark Presence, but neither would tire, neither would die, and thus unknowns the two were locked in a battle without end. Blades ripping, flesh tearing, neither would submit, it was after two days of battle that His Dark Presence finally split the ground beneath them, sending them falling into the void of the slowly dying earth, falling and fighting for eternity. Leaving the Patrons without His Dark Presence and the Sati without their Patron. It was this that brought upon the darkest time known to the world, a time of chaos and war, known to us all as "The Harrowing", when the forces of the Patron's would wage war upon each other for control of His Dark Presence's throne.