Lockdown - 13 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Thanks to Anonymous, for your opinions on part 11, hope you continue reading!

Chapter 13 K'kinn.

--/10 Months Previously (Day 296) 11:08 Hours/--
--/Deck Nineteen Medical Facility onboard Lorast Warship Red Glaive/--

"I'm sorry Joseph." The doctor's voice was sorrowful indeed, his eyes downcast. He was more than eighty years old and had been giving this sort of news to people for his entire professional career, but this case seemed to hurt him the most. Perhaps because the individual was a highly decorated hero amongst the Lorast military, or perhaps because the individual was his grandson. The oncologist lowered the lights in the room and brought up the holographic display as his patient crossed his arms, his face expressionless.

"What am I looking at, sir?" the patient asked, watching as the hologram danced and flickered the shape of his skull with glowing red and grey segments. The red segments seemed to resemble some form of ugly pulsating arachnid.

"The cancer has grown exponentially in the last few years. Why didn't you come in for an examination earlier?" The doctor asked, almost irritated. The patient turned to him and smiled a half smile, face lit up with mirth.

"I was on campaign in the Dena system, sir, they don't let you go off to the doctor's without getting shot a few times first." He joked. "Hell, most of the time not even then." The doctor smiled, but that just made it harder.

"You've only got a year to live Joseph, at the outside. It's almost certain that you'll lose your left eye within that time, as the growth is edging towards the central visual cortex. In six months it's possible that you won't be able to feel any pain, let alone anything else. And I mean anything." The doctor said. "There's nothing more we can do for you, my boy."

"It's alright sir. Not your fault." With that, the patient saluted his grandfather, who nodded in return. Joseph K'kinn turned, and left the medical facility. "You've only got a year to live Joseph..." the haunting voice came back to him. He pushed it from his mind. In the next few days he would be transferred to Neutral 3.

--/Day 4 13:40 Hours/--
--/Level 7-170 Rental Workspace G/--

There was a heavy silence that matched the heavy tension in the killing ground now. Davan, Farn, Tenzanin and Grissom were all staring at the standing armoured Lorast, Captain K'kinn. That he was standing was something of a miracle, as when Grissom's armour piercing bullet had taken him in the left eye, most would have thought him to be dead. There was a slow trickle of blood seeping from the clearly evident wound and, even more bizarrely, the bullet was clearly visible, jutting out of the eye socket around the burst orb. He had discarded his helmet for now, and they could all see the grim determination on his face.

"Just a minor point here, but you shouldn't really be breathing, should you?" Davan said, the first of them to collect his jaw from the floor.

"I am placing you under arrest for the murder of Ambassador Youren. You will accompany me now to the detention area or I will be forced to end you." K'kinn said, staring intently at the hulking form of Grissom opposite him.

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