The Colonists (new) by Jo Celine

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The Colonists

Jo Celine

The sisters had been together from first awareness,

several thousand of them nestled

in the Colony that was their world.

The vast majority of the sisters were surrounded by there kin,

nearly identical one-celled creatures.

In time it came to be known that many had a different experience.
They did not touch sisters on all sides.
One side touched other entities, who shared the flowing nutrients of the divine
as all colonists did but the sisters could not communicate with them
and had long since stopped trying.
If many of you aren't surrounded by sisters then our Colony is confined.
We are a world unto ourselves.
I like that.
The sisters were the living manifestation of the Divine.
The Divine was all around them, their provider, inspiration,
their medium of communication.
Ancient threads of a shared past, woven into the tapestry of life
were the backdrop to the thoughts that each in the Colony shared.
Partial memories, of complex creatures and beings. It was the stuff of myths.
Each sister held similar memories.
Each part was unique to her and the sum of the parts
provided the necessary pieces to complete the mosaic that was their shared past.
Static beings, there was no concept of rest or sleep.
Sustenance flowed all around them. Little energy was ever expended.
Each moment was spent in thought.
Theirs was a purely intellectual life.
A sister had a sense of her physical aspect and functions
along with a sense of her individuality.
Life was spent in the moment; in the study of the ultimate goal in life:
motion, in the pursuit of 'oneness'.
-I don't understand all these memories that we have.
What do you mean?
Well, these visions of creatures that don't exist in our world.
These entities are made up of parts.
So many parts together.
Trop d'éléments.
Who could keep track of them?
Do you think they once existed?
Peut-être qu'ils existent maintenant.
Do you think they exist in another dimension?
Just because we don't experience it, doesn't mean it isn't going on out there.
Goodbye sisters.
Thy Will be done.
All the sisters responded in unison.
The ritual of an energy exchange creating a warm wave of love to the departing sister.
Each sister knew of death.
When her physical self was spent, a sister's parts gradually disintegrated.
This process had been an ongoing part of their lives.
Death was a gentle passing, a return to the Divine.
A passing only interrupted their thoughts for a moment
of collective acknowledgment.
We are one small part of the Divine's design.
Life is bigger than us.
Her design is simple enough here in the Colonies.
How can we ever come close to our ancients?
We aren't the same aside from the thoughts and feelings we receive from them.
On ne bouge pas. Nos mémoires sont rempli de mouvements.
We don't move. Yet I feel I am meant to.
-If the Divine wills it, we go on to the next level don't we?
What if I don't want to go. Do I have a choice?
Thank you for thy ever flowing mana.
All the sisters intoned in their frequent prayer ritual of gratitude.
It was their acknowledgment of the Divine.
The entire colony glowed with a warm and positive energy,
enough to give them pause.

Do you believe in the concept of motion.
Well, yes, we see it all around us.

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