2020 chap.4 by Jo Celine

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They have issued us with one piece overalls to wear under our tunics, and socks and a sort of boot. They all seem to be made out of some sort of a paper product. I have been watching the sky and waiting for this day. I have received no shut-down signal so am assuming that my clothing is still intact, hopefully stored somewhere nearby. I cannot wait, my systems are draining and productions of bio-serums are almost non-existent in this sterile environment. Last night it finally snowed.
The horn sounded, the back door opened and we all filed out, stretched and walked, called out. A couple of people jogged every day, three steps turn, two steps turn, three steps turn, and two again and again and again. Dizzying. The blare of the alarm again and we all file in. I step one soggy foot in, activate my epidermal camo and tear off my clothes all in the time it takes to almost close a door. I squeeze out again at the final moment and kick the door resoundingly shut with my foot as I fall flat upon the ground hard enough to jar my head despite the fallen snow. I am so cold. If I get up now there will be an imprint, but if I stay much longer the snow may melt and leave my shape outlined in the dirt. I hope, I suspect that the cameras inside are getting the scrutiny for the moment. I rise quickly carefully, shivering, knowing that if I walk now I will leave footprints. I look down at my naked body, pure white, I crouch down, look around, nothing. I spring up high, right to the top of the fence, the first time I've exerted myself in weeks. Some snow shakes from the links and falls, hopefully looking like the wind. The clouds are helping, the sun is setting, normal haze, soon the shadows will be out. My toes hurt, I signal a release of analgesic and climb right to the top weaving as best as I can through that accursed wire. I have to stop there, already I can see some blood, seeping past my alabaster skin. I hold on with one hand and and compress the wound with the other until it coagulates. It's so cold. From under my thumb nail the retractable disk glints out and activating my precious energy supply I set it to spinning. I shield the cutting with my body because there are sparks and anyone looking out right now might see them. Maybe this was a dumb plan. If they catch me in camo they'll examine me, x-rays, probes, samples, dissection. There, the wire is through and I can lift off this whole coil .

Planning my next move. I was able to walk the top rail of the enclosure to the back wall of the building. The snow is sticking to the bricks in a thick layer so I remain white, It is cold so I have decided to take a five minute break to heat up. I still have almost a quarter charge left and somewhere in this building is a power source. I'll use the time to try and get a fix on my gear.

About a kilometer away from here which means onward from the other side of the building. With a bit of luck I might be able to climb up to a window, but then to get inside quietly, and then to sneak unnoticed while naked through a government institution and out onto the street.

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