The Buljarian War (lame title, read anyways) by Cody Scott

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SUMMARY: Its a little fast, I know. But its a multi-perspective story. Each chapter will be alternating between two characters, one on one side and another on the other.

"Now people! The United Core States Air Force just wrapped up their bombing of Thera's major communication towers and military command offices. The Buljian Special Operations Forward Command operators will be doing joint operations with our own UCS operators. The city will be a mess. We've agreed to wear uniforms with Thera identification tags in order to be more indigenous during the operation." informed General Thornton. "Now boys, this is a much simpler mission than those to come. If you can get inside that bunker and disable their entire air defense system this war will be one page in history. But failure has a much bigger price. Our airships are vital to keep troops on the front line, and I can guarantee you that their 70 mph speed cant out run a missile!" he laughed.
Few special operators laughed; most were veterans of a previous civil war in the United Core States. The war hadn't lasted long, but once reunified the country was stronger then ever. He felt uncomfortable, sitting among the foreign Buljian operators. They were slim and pale. Most had stiff hair spiked into Mohawks. They were all very different from the UCS commandos, who varied from different sizes and colors.
"My Sons... if you are identified the outcome will be horrific. You will be alone in that city. Our ground forces cannot land to support you with their defense network online. Which means there can be no medical evacuations, no re-supply drops. The only hope you have is each other. Our actual forces on the ground right now are five days away from Thera." the General paused. His eyes scanned the paper from which he read, but he noticeably skipped the end. There was not one commando who missed this fact, but none questioned it.
"Go kit up... the Theran vehicles are ready." ended the General. Vaughan stood up and stretched. Around him the room flickered into talkative conversations as they filed out double doors in the back.
"Yo, Medic! Vaughan!" greeted a familiar voice. Vaughan turned around, and greeted his team breacher, Gretchen. He was a dark skinned, think muscled man who believed Vaughan was too secretive. He exchanged high fives, and they walked out of the room together. Gretchen waited until they reached their lockers, away from the Buljians. He shook his head laughing and pointed with his thumb at them.
"Man, check those brothers out! They going in stylish aren't they? My damn, they look like they're about to break it down on the run way!" he chuckled. Vaughan got in an awkward smirk and "heh". Gretchen shook his head.
"Come on man, we're a team here, get in some laughs before we get into some deep shit. Too much hostility man! Is it because Im black?" he laughed.
"Ha, no dude, Im just a silent person. I do my job and I do it the best I can." Vaughan replied pulling light-weight body armor over his head and clicking the magnetic straps together.
"Alright, man." Gretchen said. "Well, let me know if that stretcher gets too heavy for you. I could hold about a hundred more pounds on these oxen!" Vaughan eyed Gretchen's biceps, which instantly supported his claim. He then focused on a picture in his locker. His grandfather, during the UCS Civil War. He was a medic, like Vaughan, but for the first time he noticed that his grandfather was a silent man as well. In the background his squad was playing cards.

(to be continued)