The Buljairan War Chap. 3 by Cody Scott

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SUMMARY: Its not any good, but has potential. If you read it take note that I introduced this character in the first chapter, but I didnt post it.

Shut up! For Heaven's sake, be quiet! Was all Karim could think about. The screams were unbearable, combined with the harsh, dust filled air. Karim trampled over people on the stair well, trying to reach the surface.
"You mustn't go out there kid! it's a chemical attack!" shouted one man. Karim grasped his throat. He didn't care, all he could think about was fresh air and freedom from this unbearable amount of people. After almost twenty minutes, he reached the exit doors, or what was left. Outside was horrendous. He took note of the burning buildings, and above all the mass slaughter of people who didn't get to shelter in time. Charred skeletons littered the ground, and the frames of burnt out cars left the road in a ghostly state. Karim choked back tears. What had they done? Why had this been done to him?
He heard the chugging sound of airships flying above the skyscrapers. Then, to his horror, one hovered directly above him and dropped ropes from its open end. Karim fully expected the enemy, whoever it was, to drop down and murder him. The figures, with rifles and machine guns slung over their back, fast roped all around him. Karim instinctively put up his hand and dropped to his knees, but these men were not there for him. In all about eight soldiers, extremely fast, stormed past him and gathered around a large propaganda poster that had been drawn on a printing building. Karim watched in fascination as they poked the wall with their fingers, and then he realized they were pushing buttons on the wall! The wall opened, revealing an empty building. The soldiers walked to a cylinder shaped elevator and stepped inside. Before descending however, one soldier removed his helmet and began wiring explosives around the wall. The blonde man looked at Karim as the wall closed, and put his finger to his lips as if shushing him. Karim stood up, still shocked. He put on his glasses... and wondered if some type of nerve gas was playing tricks on him. He muttered a profanity, and then moved to seek shelter in a bombed out grocery store. As he looked for food, he noticed a trap door towards the rear of the store. After looking around, ashamed to be invading someone's property, he opened the door and was faced with a flight of stairs. The stairs made loud, snapping sounds as he descended them. I repeat... it has been confirmed that the bombers were not of Buljaria, but fighters for the United Core States! Karim was startled by what he was hearing. It was a news broadcast, coming from a television below.
"Hello?" he said nervously. A startled, confused party below stirred around and hid. Karim walked into the basement, making pleas.
"Please, don't be mad. I was seeking shelter." he said. A large man moved out of the shadows, followed by a woman and a much younger girl. The man was cautious, brandishing a handgun. His face was dark, obviously from hard work outside the city limits.
"I aint heard those bombs falling for almost an hour, you don't need this shelter!" the man raised the handgun to Karims torso.
"No, please don't shoot! I could help you, anything! I could teach your daughter since the schools will be closed! What level is she? 3?" he pleaded. The man lowered the gun and placed his hand on the girls shoulder.
"She's level 5."