celestial wars by Raul Hernandez

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In the darkest places of this Earth there lies a great evil, an evil that has been around since the beginning of time. We call this evil the underworld or place of the damned. But with this evil there is a good this good was sent to this earth to fight an ever-lasting battle. But this battle has turned into a war as of 700 years ago. 700 hundred years ago a battle took place between the forces of good and the forces of evil this battle would mark the end of an era and the beginning of another a much dark one. These events would all start with the crowning of Moria the queen was crowned ruler of all that was evil after the death of the dark lord Rafious
. The queen being more vicious then any other demon that ever walked the underworld. Summed every dark force to her side, and attacked the walls of paradise. She attacked with such a force that no one angel could stop her and so and an army of angels had to be summoned. On that day the skies were amber red with the blood of Angels, it was on that day that paradise was nearly destroyed and evil almost won. But that was then and this is now after the push back of the dark queen from paradise. The once beautiful place was left in Ruins only a handful of Angels were left, after that day things would never be the same .A war had now started a war that would involve everyone. No longer could angels ignore the underworld after that day.
But what was worst, was that after that day Moria was driven back she did not quit and lick her wounds she got up and attacked the one place in which the angels could not send their army the surface world. Existence

Chapter one we are not alone
It's a cold night in the city of New York, and on the tallest tower a figure stands watch over the people below. The figure being of a woman who for along time has defended the city against the forces of darkness. But on this particular night the cold wind stings her face, and passes through her coat and sends chills down her already half-frozen body. Frozen and tense she inhales the cold air as she moves on to another part of the city. Looking down at her watch she notices that it's almost midnight. Her shift would soon be over as a cop, and if she didn't catch anything it would have been a waste of a night. Looking up again she scans the city with her binoculars and spots something of interest. On the furthest part of the city she saw three men abducting a girl. Zooming in on them she takes a picture of the men before they get into a van and move away from her view. Seeing this leaped off the building and spread out her hands and transformed into her angel form.
Her body briefly engulfed in a bright flash made her leather coat and black jeans give way to white and gold armor and on her back a pair of white eagle wings appear. Getting close to the ground she flaps hard and takes off into the night, once in the clouds she scans the surface for the men with her Angel sight, her eyes briefly going white as she does this. Seeing them on the high way heading north she climbs up and dives, keeping her body straight she dives into the enemy like a bullet.

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