celestial wars by Raul Hernandez

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But before she hits the ground she pulls up just in time to feel demon senses flicker on and to see her amulet give off a deep glow.
"Hmm demons, that explains it," she said under her breath "well I guess its time to make my presence clear". She said to her self-flying over them with the thick fog covering her. Keeping up she followed them to the docks, where she saw that the men were getting out. Watching them from above Rin dove and landed a few meters away behind a building. Getting away from her cover she leaped onto the roof, and surprised the driver who was still in the van. Punching in the windshield she pulled him out by his collar demanding to know who he was. The man being caught off guard searched for his gun at his waist and pulled it out. But before he could shoot at Rin, Rin twisted his arm back and broke his hand. Looking at the pendant on her neck the man gave a yell and pulled away from her, leaving his shirt in her hand. Looking down Rin saw that the pendant started on her neck-started glow even more, indicating the danger that he was.
"Okay demon your cover is blown, so why don't you show me your face and I will show you my sword". She said looking at him growl at her.
"Hmm an Angel well you are a piece of work," said the demon looking at her with a glare in his eyes.
" Yup, now we can either do this the hard way or the easy way which one is it going to be." Said Rin taking out her blade and powering it up turning it into a fiery blade. The demon still smiling began to morph his body. Rin could only watch as he started to bulge and stretch. His skin ripping open as it gave way to fur and the once slim faced man became half wolf and half lizard the demons paws being bigger then it arms had long yellow claws. Snarling at Rin, Rin caught a whiff of the creature's breath and gawked.
"Alright ugly you want to dance now it's my turn." Putting her hands together her body flashed once and after the flash was gone, Rin appeared in gold armor and with a long sword at her side and shield on the other side. Taking her sword out from its sheath, she circled around the demon and waited for an opening for a quick kill. She knew that if she didn't make this a quick kill; the girl inside would most likely be transformed into a demon. Holding her sword with two hands she leaped up into the air and with one crushing assault she took the demon down cutting him right down in half. With the mans demon side now defeated Rin put her bracelet hand over his remains and resurrected him. With the man still unconscious she put him in the van and then went on to get the rest of the demons inside. Going inside she saw nothing more then a wrecked warehouse; there was no sign of the demons. But Rin knew better then to trust her human senses. Putting her blade out she transformed it into a dagger and shone its light into the surrounding area.
What she saw was amazing the warehouse, which appeared to be normal, was really a demonic summoning area. Looking around she saw that there were dark paintings on the wall and sculptures of the demon queen with skulls at her feet.
"Charming", she said sarcastically walking by them and looking further into the warehouse walking further into the demonic place she spotted a staircase, which led to the upper level the staircase was made out of stone and was emitting its own demonic aura.
" This place is not what I would like to call home and I don't think I would want to stay in." Said Rin shinning her blades light from side to side like a flashlight revealing everything in the building while climbing up the stairs getting up to the top her pendant started to glow even more, indicating the presence of a lot of demons.
" I don't like the look of this," she said now at the top and with three doors' in front of her.

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