Lockdown - 14 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Been a while since the last chapter was put on here... oh well.

Chapter 14 Level 15-112 Refugee Care Centre.

--/Day 5 0:00 Hours/--
--/Level 15-112 Refugee Care Centre/--

The door hissed open, small vents of steam escaping from the rarely used hydraulics. The rescue workers were standing a few feet away from it, eight security troops nearby. For a moment, there was no movement from behind the doorway. The normally well-lit corridor it revealed was dark, with flickering lights down deep into the shadows. There were two bodies sprawled out on the floor a few feet in. They both had multiple bullet wounds.

"Chaos Cluster is open, repeat," the security sergeant said into his radio-mic, "Chaos Cluster is open."

"I guess I can see why people call it that now." Doctor Chloe said. She'd never been here before, in all her years of living on this station, she'd avoided Chaos Cluster like it was the plague and she got the distinct impression she had been right to do so.

"Movement, two figures." The sergeant said, ignoring the slightly shocked doctor. He'd seen what this place could do to people when it wasn't even lockdown. His squad of men readied their weapons. Two shapes appeared in the flickering lights of the deep corridor.

"Could they be survivors?" Chloe asked, reaching for her medkit and taking several steps forwards.

"Doctor, stay put." The sergeant ordered. Chloe stopped dead. "This is a highly dangerous situation, we wait for them to come to us, then we check them for weapons, then you can administer medical treatment. Are we clear?"

"Are we clear, sergeant?" Chloe replied, anger bristling. "I'm a practitioner of medicine, it is my duty to aid the injured or ill, do you understand? I have to help them if they need it." She insisted, pointing at the two small figures stumbling towards them. One looked to leaning heavily against the other, as if he were badly hurt in some way.

"You don't know what they've been through in there, Doctor. Trust me, they're as likely to shoot you in there as accept your help. We wait until they come out." The sergeant repeated, his temper staying even. He motioned to two of his men who took up position on either side of Chloe, their weapons still pointed at the two shambling men.

"Fine." She said firmly. She waited.

Pate Coleman leant against Calver's surprisingly strong shoulder, the wound in his side wracking fresh agony with every step. He was sure he had at least four broken ribs and maybe a punctured lung, he was having trouble breathing. In fact, he was having trouble concentrating and indeed thinking in general. The creature... the creature...

"He needs help." Calver said quietly as they reached the refugee area. Eight guns were pointing at him and a doctor and orderly immediately moved to support Pate's weight and get him onto a stretcher. He stepped back as they began to examine Pate anxiously.

"What happened to him?" Doc Chloe turned to ask the Tayan that had carried him here. But the Tayan was gone. The security troops reacted with equal shock. He had simply disappeared, into the main station, and no one had seen him go.

--/+9 hours 12 minutes/--
--/Level 7-170 Rental Workspace G Apartments/--

Davan yawned as he stumbled out of the room he'd declared as his bedroom.

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