Lockdown - 15 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Yep. More Lockdown.

Chapter 15 - Level 15-169 Yuni's Quarters.

--/Day 5 11:46 Hours/--
--/Level 15-169 Donal Samerro's Family Accommodation/--

Torn froze, too afraid to shift again and try and escape. His gut twisted around his spine, his muscles seized up and he began to perspire freely. The young woman stepped through the door of the apartment he was stood in the middle of, the one he reminded himself he had no business being in, she was carrying a large brown paper bag of essential foodstuffs. She took two steps into the room and then she saw Torn. She was so surprised that she half dropped her bag, several fruits and breads tumbling out onto the carpeted floor.

Torn quickly put down the canister of Pyrachloride that was still clutched to his chest and knelt down, starting to grab her lost groceries. After a moment's hesitation, she knelt down next to him and started to copy him.

Torn reached out and grabbed a large yellow fruit, just as her hand landed on top of his. They stopped for a minute, then their eyes met. Torn almost lost himself in her brown eyes, they seemed so deep and endless.

She was a Ragnorian, she had the coloured pheromone patches down the side of her neck to prove it. She had dark hair, so long that reached down to the small of her back. Her face was small, her eyes slightly slanted as was common with her species, she wore an expression of childlike wonder. Her skin was light and fair, barely touched by the harsher of sunrays. Torn couldn't look away, he'd never seen a girl so... so...

"Who are you?" She whispered. The moment was broken then, he blinked, then again, trying to force his mind to work in overtime. Hi, yeah, I'm a thief that can walk through walls, just popping through your place after having pinched some chemicals from downstairs, sorry about that, didn't seem like something that would get him out of trouble. Instead he looked away from her gaze, flashing a glance at the Pyrachloride.

"I'm..." He stuttered. "I'm T...Torn..."

"Why are you here?" She asked, still whispering.

"J...just pass...passing through..." He managed.

"Wha..." she began to ask something else, but then she noticed that both of them were still holding onto the same fruit. She looked down at their hands, then she blushed, not meeting his gaze anymore. He blushed as well, looking down at the ground quickly. Think, think you idiot. Was the only thing that he could think of. Slowly, he raised the hand of his clasped to the fruit, then put it back in her bag. She looked up then, then smiled slightly. Torn smiled back, suddenly feeling like the rest of his miserable life was eclipsed by this one, shining moment.

--/+1 minute 4 seconds/--
--/Level 9-107 Doc Chloe's Surgery/--

Grissom could still feel his teeth set on edge at hearing what the quack from the Fighting Pits would have charged for the use of his services. He'd heard that doctors on this station were either Sorrell's own personal expert physicians, or show boaters and fakes. It was Chris of the Gunrunners who had directed him to either Doc Chloe or Doc Robo, saying that Doc Chloe was a professional and a good one, and that Robo was a psycho who would get the job done well, but was as likely to take your arm as a souvenir.

The surgery reception was almost clean, Grissom noticed, something that was hard to do properly on this station, he was beginning to think.

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