Beginnings, Chapter 2 by Salim Farhat

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SUMMARY: More of Ekove's beginnings...

"Dear diary.

I'm finally going home after all this time. More than a year travelling the world, going to all these air shows and meeting so many people, I'm going to be on my family's plantation again. Even with all the flying time logged, and with all those trophieafs and headlines, I just can't shake the feeling I get from being there. To me, that place is a fountain of emotional energy, overflowing with every heartfelt goodness I can ever have."

Ekove smiled as he wrote his diary entry, with small memories going through his head, remembering the various little incidents that happened to him while he was a kitten, and the aftermath.

"I guess I'll probably have to fly Old Mal over the field again, but this time, it's gonna be the only flight I'm gonna make, I've got too much to see and people to meet this time. I signed my agreement to join the navy last week and this is gonna be the biggest commitment I've ever done. My mom hated it and my dad was pretty unsure of the whole thing for a long time before a few months back when he said he'd leave the decision to me completely. I guess it shouldn't matter; I've got to grow up soon and start making my own decisions. I made that decision to take off on my own when I was 10, even though my dad said I wouldn't be ready for a long time. It was my decision to go with that man who sponsored me for that first airshow, even though my dad doubted I could do it. I really liked how my dad finally got the faith to trust in me. I guess I would be concerned if I were in his shoes, taking into consideration what's happening in the world today. Still, I can't wait for training to start, and see what it's like on board those big ships..."

He wrote a bit more before closing his diary and wetting his whiskers. The memory of flying Old Mal, his father's crop duster, when he was practically a toddler -- the sheer excitement mixed of flying high, and laughing at how toy like his home appeared when they flew high. He moved over to his bed and lied there, letting his mind flow back to past events, both good and bad, and how he would deal with the new future that awaited him. Some time passed and he had fallen asleep, for nearly three hours he was in deep, dreamless slumber until a knock on his door woke him up. "Ekove, its dinner time," called the familiar voice of Ivan, his agent and friend. "You don't want to miss out on this, it's your favorite."

Jumping out of the bed startled, but quickly reoriented himself. "I'm coming," he said and took a step towards the door, stopping as he realized he wore nothing other than a pair of light pajama trousers. He smiled at his silliness as he actually contemplated going to dine wearing those. "Gimme a minute to get dressed, OK?" he said, as he started to quickly change into semi-casual clothes, carrying a concealed revolver within his jacket. Most people didn't know he carried a gun, and he wanted to keep it at that. After he was ready, he exited the cabin and found Ivan leaning on the bulkhead with his arms crossed, and a sly smile on his face as Ekove came out.

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