Lockdown - 17 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: You wouldn't believe the amount of this stuff I already have written.

Chapter 17 – Level 7-170 Davan's Kitchen.

--/Day 8 20:32 Hours/--
--/Level 7-170 Rental Workspace G Apartment/--

"This is ridiculous, you know that, right?" Davan reiterated, pacing back and forth in his kitchen, his brow furrowed. They'd gotten back from the Worker's Union an hour ago and had gone straight back to what Davan was fast starting to think of as his base of operations. Grissom was sat at the table, maps and plans spread out in front of him, going over them intensely. Tenzanin was standing nearby to him, his arms folded. Torn was sitting in the corner, wrapped in his cloak. Only Davan seemed the least bit agitated by the situation.

"This looks like it would work pretty well. That Navalie woman is a half-decent planner." Grissom said, pointing out minor details to Tenzanin that the Carene was barely interested in but knew would probably be important.

"Doesn't matter if it's a good plan, it could get us all killed. And I have an aversion to being killed when things have just got going here." He said, indicating downwards in general. The first of the stuff the Gunrunners were providing him with had arrived while they were away, discussing insanity with the Workers Union.

"If they pay us what we should be paid for a mission like this," Tenzanin said, looking up at Davan, "it will be a hell of a lot easier for us to get ‘started' here. And all of us getting killed isn't likely. What's the worst that could happen?" He said. Davan gave him a look that implied he thought T had completely lost his wits.

"Sorrell could capture us, we could get tortured and flushed out of the nearest airlock." Davan said clearly. There was a silence.

"True..." Tenzanin replied, "but just think of the money, or if you don't want money, ask them for something else."

"I suppose, but the risks still seem to outweigh the advantages." Davan insisted.

"So... you not going to join us on this venture?" Grissom asked, his eyebrow raised.

"Oh hell no," Davan said. "I'm in." Tenzanin grinned, Grissom grimaced in a good way and Davan smiled his best wolf-like smile. He set down to work, they had until the next day to come up with a list of what they would require for this mission and how much they were going to charge for it. And Davan had just thought of something he'd want instead of the insane amounts of cash the rest were going to barter for.

--/Day 8 17:59 Hours/--
--/Level 1-200 ‘The Chief's Hole'/--

"We like to consider ourselves as a family here, Davan." The Chief said, leaning forwards. "We, the Workers Union, make it our goal to look after the little guy, the struggling family, the man trying to earn the honest wage. For example, did you know that every day, more than four thousand people manually power this entire station? Down in the reactor shaft, they work like rodents in an exercise wheel to keep us in electricity."

"Sounds like good, honest work." Tenzanin said, slightly sarcastically. Weiyin shot him a look of brief annoyance in his eyes, but then he continued.

"Do you think that Sorrell cares about those people, Davan? Do you think that he provides for them? Of course he doesn't.

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