Lockdown - 17 by Alexander Shaw

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Do you think any of those in his employ care for them? His enforcer, Kliess? That thug, Kobra? No, of course they don't."

"So I'm guessing this little talk is going to get back to why you want us to steal something, right? Or should I go home?" Davan inserted.

"All in good time, my friend." Weiyin said, dismissively. "So those people have no one to look after them. Except us. The people support us, and in return, we support the people. After all, there is no weapon better than the faith and willpower of thousands." He smiled, a slight and somehow mocking expression, as he folded his hands in front of him.

"I've been here for five days now, ‘Chief'," Davan said, equally mockingly, "which as I can gather, is longer than some can even dream of. I've had something of an interesting time, but the thing that's definitely stuck out at me, more so than the number of close calls I've had, is that Sorrell is a man not to be crossed, lest you want to die a painful death."

--/+1 hour 35 minutes/--
--/Level 7-170 Rental Workspace G Apartment/--

"Sound dampening units, we'll need boot and glove mounted sound dampening units." Tenzanin suggested. Grissom nodded slowly, making a note of them on his ever-expanding list. So far it everything from ration packs to grapple lines, from traditional Zoranthac weaponry to flight pods. But the most noticeable thing was being left until the end. It was going to read ‘10% up front'. They'd yet to decide what would be a reasonable cash sum.

"Guns and ammo?" Davan suggested, sitting opposite Grissom and Tenzanin.

"I've got better contacts that I trust for guns and ammo." The Nethrek replied.

"There are some guys up at the top of the station..." Davan began.

"The Gunrunners." Grissom finished, nodding. Davan nodded as well, smiling slightly. "Small station." Grissom said.

--/Day 8 18:03 Hours/--
--/Level 1-200 ‘The Chief's Hole'/--

"You have a point, he is galaxy renowned for both his ruthlessness and his immense charm. He could be your best friend at one minute and your worst nightmare the next could you give him the wrong answer." Weiyin insisted. "He's a monster in truth."

"So what exactly is you are offering?" Davan asked, hands on the table in front of him.

"Simple." Weiyin replied. "Business. The Workers Union does more business than Sorrell's contacts ever would. Even now, during Lockdown, we have more ships in the hanger bays needing maintenance than he has. We have the demand. You have the supply."

--/+1 hour 39 minutes/--
--/Level 7-170 Rental Workspace G Apartment/--

"Something I... something I wanted to ask you." Torn said quietly as Davan was standing by the coffee machine he'd ‘found' the other day. Tenzanin and Grissom were engaged in lively discussion over the differing qualities of security hacking systems.

"What's up, kid?" Davan asked, adding milk and lots of sugar to his hot, black mug.

"What does ‘Omega' mean?" Torn asked, his face drawn and nervous. As always.

"Omega is a word in Packspeak, my native language." Davan explained, turning to face the kid.

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