Twisted Sisters by Alford Odell Kenny

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SUMMARY: Three women with one grim task.

As Odellum sits and listens to the wind blowing against the weak walls of his mobile unit he thinks of the day ahead. He scans papers, tests and sketchy writings of hormone enraged teenagers. The teenagers he attempts to teach think differently than the years prior. Sex-filled inuendo and frothy indulgence of the warped minds of the future.

Odellum finishes grading a poorly written paragraph about the unfairness of rules in the school where he resides. Suddenly he hears a train whistle, then deathly silence. The mobile unit starts to shake like jello in a bowl. He heads to the door as the annoying bell rings to warn of trouble. As he opens the door he realizes that protection from the wind is to late. He dives under the federally funded piece of metal to avoid the destruction.

The trailer shakes loose from its moorings. The wind raises the piece of poorly designed metal to tear at its center. Then with one twist and blow the metal rips down the center to expose the devastation of nature. Odellum peaks out from his small shelter to see what used to be his place of employment. The school is gone.

Odellum crawls out from his desk and walks into the dimly lit open sky. He looks down to see a lake with bodies floating face-down and face-up. Fear does not creep upon him for he has seen worse. As Odellum walks closer to the water he raises his head to see three uniquely dressed women pulling people from the water.

The first woman wears a white flowing dress with the emblem of the saints emblazoned on the chest. The golden trim around the burgundy lettering sparkles in the light.

The second woman is of African descent and displays an all black and gold robe. When she smiles the world hears the nature of her song.

The third woman is a demon from the pits of the deepest hells. She is not dark and sinister, but she sings the songs of devils with her eyes. When she pulls a body from the water she kisses them on the left; then the right, then rips out their soul with an alluring smile.

Odellum walks toward the first woman as the second woman is singing a song of joy and celebration. The third woman continues her rude and tasteless lust-filled inquest for souls. Odellum is approached by the first woman and she asks him one simple question, "Tell me what number the African queen represents? If you get it right you may have eternal life but if you get it wrong I cannot guarantee your eternal glory."

Odellum looks at the African queen not knowing what the hell the number could even be. Is the number 7? Seven can be lucky. Or is it 13? The number for whom he was named. "Oh my God," he cries.

The first woman sweetly reminds Odellum that God cannot help him now. The answer lies within him and only him.....