Cameron Torch Ltd (1.01) by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Vampires... how crass of me. Still, I enjoyed it.

Cameron Torch Ltd.

- London, Soho, Garrick Street.
- 25th January, 2005.

The rain was lashing. The sky was cold. Every footstep that pounded to the ground with strained muscles felt like an earthquake, they were so loud, but she kept running. Running was something she was good at and now, here in the dark, wet depths of a place she just didn't know, it was the one thing that she trusted.

04:13 her watch flashed at her as the stray yellow light of a streetlamp caught her fleeing form. She barely noticed. The tube station couldn't be far, but it was probably too far. Her breath was cold and harsh, her lungs straining as they slipped oxygen around her body. She reached up a hand and wiped at her eyes, clearing them of rainwater.

"Kimie..." the sinister voice whispered from behind her.

She yelped in shock, her hands flying defensively to her face. How did it know her name? How did it know?! She stumbled then, as the fear overcame her. Her jeans were soaking and offered no protection from the hard concrete of the pavement. Her leather jacket, the one she'd kept from her old boyfriend, ripped on the elbow.

Thump. She hit the ground hard, rolling and feeling as though her ankle may have twisted. Then he was standing above her.

"Kimie..." He hissed. He was tall and would have had a brooding look to him if it weren't for the light of joy in his eyes.

There was the flash of lightning above them.

"Get away from me!!" She shrieked, hoping that her voice would bring attention from the buildings around her. Thunder rumbled in the heavens. The man simply chuckled, a wide grin spreading on his dirty, shadowed features. There was something unnatural about him, she felt, a sense screamed inside her. The sense she knew to trust.

"Nothing you can do, Kimie..." the man hissed, leaning down and grabbing the back of her head with one grubby hand. "All mine... all mine... all mine..." he kept saying, added emphasis with every repetition. His fingers felt like a vice like grip, digging into the dyed roots of her blonde hair, pulling her face up towards his.

She thrashed against him, her legs kicking and her arms beating, but he just seemed to take it, his skin hard as stone wherever she landed a blow. Panic and dread threatened to swamp her, but something inside managed to stay in control, to fight the fear. Her whimpers turned to curses as she delivered a swift blow to his nose with her right fist.

He cracked back, blood spilling from his nostrils. He swore, then lashed down with his free hand, releasing her head at the same instant so that her skull hit the curb hard. "Bitch!" he screamed, desperately covering his face.

Everything went dark for Kimie for that instant, the pain lanced through her, a dull throb at the back of her head. Blood trickled to the pavement everything began to feel heavy, so very heavy. Her eyes fluttered, trying desperately to close. She fought it.

"Hey, you." A calm voice cut across the scene of pain. The attacker turned, surprised. Kimie, dull with pain, saw the newcomer, a man in a black coat.

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