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SUMMARY: I am new to the site and was referred here in the writing forum. This is just a chapter of a work in progress that i was hoping for honest opinions. Am I wasting my time?? I am open to any questions and will post more if desired. Plz all opinions are

The Ale house was a bit on the noisy side which was not unusual. It was as always a mixed crowd of travelers staying at the Inn and the people who lived in or around the town of Victus. Delvin walked in and almost immediately spotted Tommy Pelford motioning at him from a small table to the side of the heavier part of the crowd.
Delvin made his way to the man of equal age. Tommy was about two inches shorter than Delvin making him of average height. He had flat blonde hair shaped almost like a bowl around his head. He was wearing a brownish colored cloak over his common clothes. Delvin didn't always understand some of Tommy's styles, however, the ladies never seemed to mind.
"It's about time you got here," Tommy said while standing and shaking Delvin's hand.
"Sorry but I had to wait till father had his nose in a book toward the front of the house so he would not hear me practicing in the back," Delvin explained.
"It sure is a shame that you have to sneak around like that," Tommy said.
"Yes it is. But what am I to do? I don't want to upset him anymore than I have in the past. I just wish he would understand that I don't want to leave him but I want to mean something to the world. The Knighthood does so much for so many."
"Well what if he saw how good you are getting with a sword? Do you think it would change his mind at all?" Tommy asked him.
"Probably not Tommy. He is set on my working the farm and I don't think anything will change that. He wants me to have a simple life as he did. Marry and raise a family. Nothing more, nothing less."
"Well speaking of such a subject Simestra just happens to be heading our way to take our order," Tommy said with the same smirk Rasclon had when he spoke her name to Delvin.
Approaching the table was a girl only a year younger than Delvin. She had gorgeous hazel-green eyes. Her long black hair flowed down her back as well as over her shoulders covering the top of her apron. Holding an empty tray, she smiled and the two men.
"Hey Simestra," said Tommy.
"Hi Tommy. Hi Delvin. Haven't seen you guys in over a week."
"Just been busy with too many dates," Tommy answered jokingly. "How about you Delvin why haven't you come to visit Simestra."
Delvin could feel his cheeks growing red. He wanted nothing more at that point then to kick Tommy under the table. He looked up at Simestra and froze staring at those gorgeous eyes.
"I....Uh...just busy with the farm. You know how it is," he stammered.
"I certainly do," Simestra said. "I guess the three of us aren't children anymore with the free time we used to have to spend together are we?"
"I guess not," Tommy said and looked over to Delvin who just sat there staring blankly and feeling his hands sweat.
"So would you like some cups of ale?" Simestra asked them.
"Yes, two cups please," Tommy responded. He had no choice with Delvin now staring at the candle in the middle of the table.
"How about some bread and cheese or a bowl of fresh stew?"
"Sure," Tommy said.

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