Naicisum: first few alineas by Captain Cobb

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"Whence Darkness will root and spread its wings, whence Hope will have fled, leaving naught but despair, thence shall Light emerge, thence shall the Messiah come..."

Warm, sweet, soothing Darkness, neverending, everlasting, infinite Darkness. Darkness felt by those of whom the mind is locked away from the body. Darkness, convincing one to stop fighting, to lay down arms, to leave one's present existence, accept, and enter the void. Nothing but Darkness until the mind achieves victory, conquers Darkness, and embraces Pain. Pain inherent to the renewed connection of body and mind, Pain of the body, translated onto the mind, Pain strong enough to kill the mind, unless the mind overcomes the Pain, retranslates it onto the body, showing itself the true ruler. This retranslation is attended by a revival of consciousness, the return of my senses, and the taste of blood in my mouth...
Life starts flowing through my veins again, as the rays of our weakening sun carefully advance over my body. I open my eyes but immediately close them again. Even now, with this faint sun of ours, they can't handle the light. How dark must times have grown if we're not resistant to a bit of light anymore? The sudden presence of this one question causes others to pop up my mind: Where am I?, What am I doing here?, Who am I? ...
I lose track of time, hopelessly forcing myself to find an acceptable answer for any of these questions, until Time himself hits me, in the shape of a rain drop. So here I lie, not knowing who I am, where I am, nor what I am doing here, while the rain continues with keeping time on my track. My clothes all soaked, a wet face and the salty taste of water on my lips: time to open my eyes. I stare at the horizon, where the combination of rain and sun light has given birth to a rainbow...
No name, no life, no past and God's creation showing off to impress me, I decide to remember this day as the day of my rebirth.

I pull my weary body from the gutter and smoothly wipe the dirt off my clothes while doing so. Reluctantly I move towards the wall, allowing myself a spark of joy when I safely reach it, significantly reducing odds on a second acquaintance with the gutter. Exhaustion has struck my body and hence another question gets added to my neverending list, this way nursing the gap in my memory. A man can only take a certain amount of questions, and considering the importance of mine, I've exceeded this amount by far. Surged by this new thought I leave the wall behind to go and find myself some clarifying answers.
Ambulating through the desolate streets of what once was a global city, I see naught but neglected buildings and rubbish spread all over the streets. Seldom can I detect the hopeful green of a young seedling, a precursor of Nature, claiming back what once was hers. These remains of a broken society make me long for my gutter again, make me wish I had never opened my eyes...
In a sudden flashback an image of the streets like they once were - vivid, full of people and traffic - comes to me, followed by a news emission showing burning cities.

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