Lockdown - 20 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Wow... I'm shocked. It appears I have fans. Well, thanks to Ben, Sam and especially Starman03 for your veiws and suggestions. Cheers Guys!

Chapter 20 – Level 112 ‘Gas Chamber'

--/Day 9 16:08 Hours/--
--/Level 12-120 Private Business Sector/--

Torn was feeling miserable. Very, very miserable. He'd spent most of the day feeling very, very miserable. He'd even hit on the idea that the only reason Yuni didn't answer was because she was at school, she'd told him that much when they'd been sat in her apartment the other night. He cast his memories back to that night. He'd gone in and fixed the lighting problem she'd previously lied about to her father. Then she'd told him about herself, and asked him about himself. He didn't have much to tell. Or much he wanted to tell.

She was very lovely, he couldn't deny it, part of him wanted to spend as much time around her as he possibly could. But he knew within himself that he couldn't tell her everything about himself. He couldn't tell her about the shifting, lest she think him a freak. But then, he kept telling himself, that's what you are, a freak.

Hence the misery. But he decided to do something about it. To try and gain some self respect back. Soon, he'd probably have to help in this insane breaking and entering, in fact he was sure that Davan would want his abilities along. So he decided that he was going to learn how to fight. He hated killing, but fighting was different.

Master-Sergeant Fury had always taught him that a man must fight to live, whether it's on the battlefield or in his own mind. Torn had decided that he would do it now. Here, away from the oppressive boot of the Nethrek way of life, away from guilt buried in the past, away from fear and oppression. He'd learn to fight here.

That's why he was stood outside the business sector, staring at the entrance to a training dojo. It looked well used, there seemed a dozen or so people in the lobby of it and it looked as if most of them were accomplished pupils. The master of this dojo was a D'Joran martial artist of some extreme talent. He was renowned across the station as one of the best. But it was his speciality that had caught Torn's eye. He taught Mugaichek, the traditional Zoranthac staff-fighting style, the same technique that Torn's fictional hero, Atelli, had been so proficient in. Taking a deep breath, he started to walk forwards and into the dojo lobby.

--/+2 minutes 39 seconds/--
--/Level 7-170 Rental Workspace G Apartment/--

Tenzanin sauntered up the stairs to the apartment, his mind casting back to the shift he'd just finished. He was meeting Haine here in about three and a bit hours, the Corporal still had paperwork to finish off. He reached the top and turned into the kitchen area. Then he stopped dead. He blinked twice, then decided that what he was seeing was real. Grissom was sat at the table, polishing his armour. Internally, the skinny Carene sighed.

"So, I guess your back on the mission with us." Tenzanin ventured. Grissom merely nodded. "Oh joy. Where's Davan?"

"Said he had something to do down-station, something about a Tayan colony, I think." Grissom said absently. Tenzanin nodded. Davan had been saying that he'd seen very few Tayans here on Neutral 3.

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