Transformable Robot Series- Era 1 by Leon LLS

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As Unicron keep progreesing and eating up all the planet near to his surrounding, there's comes to a planet call Krypton.Earlier this planet was surrounded by a wispy, crimson cocoon, eons later its covering was disolved into the atmosphere and its left the sky fury red.Later due to energy conversion happening in its surface the planet grow with advance civilisation and life form.
While at the Planet Krypton conference:-
"You are aware that this planet krypton
is due to explode in a short period of time due to internal stress!" As the guardian of the planet say Every star in this sector will be racked by massive flare-up cause by Krypton erratic magnetic field this cause the entire of the krypton planetary system perish.
As the planet Krypton exploding..."Our son!..May the wind of space favor his course!" PlanetKrypton ...EXPLODING!!!
Due to massive gravitational pull around and the atmosphere can't stand it any longer.