Transformable Robot Series- Cybertron by Leon LLS

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Cybertron is the home world of the Autobots and Decepticons.
The capital of Cybertron is the Iacon Hub City and serves as the base of operations for the Autobots. Other cities are Kaon (the Decepticon capital), Perihex, Antihex, Uraya, Polyhex, Vos, Tarn, Nova Cronum, and Crystal City (destroyed). By the time of Beast Wars, a city known as Cybertropolis supplanted Iacon as the planet's capital city.
Cybertron is seen to have at least three moons, two of which are consumed by Unicron.Unicron's head became an artificial satellite when his body was destroyed during his attack on Cybertron.
As Cybertron had placed it directly into the path of an asteroid belt.Autobot astromers relayed the danger instantly, as a meeting with the Autobot elders was called.
"I shall lead a specially selected group into space itself to clear thru the path of the asteroids.
The autobots construct a craft and propel them into the void,a craft dubbed the ark.
As Cybertron,unleashed
a celestial display of power a huge chunk of space born rock were pulverize and clearing the necessary pathway.
While optimus prime leader of the Autobots informing his fellow autobots upon the success clearing up the asteroid and on the way returning back to cybertron, a surprise attack violently shock the ark and the accupants on board.
The Ark lose its control due to severe damage by the decepticon attack, the ship directly cruise towards
the third planet of the solar system, which is known as Planet Earth!