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SUMMARY: To do with an assassin and his own woes....As well as an elite squad serving their empire.

The 7th squad entered the city of Saracys, hiding in the masses of refugees seeking shelter. Backs bent, stumbling theatrically, they intruded into foreign territory, seeking to fragment the fragile alliance of the 4 Cities, pillars of strength on Hirwilo.
Sielhu crouched warily, her elven features masked by a long cowl, inconspicuously mixing in the throng. She stifled a grin as she peeked a glance through the shrouds and saw Brawyn, stashed miserably in the caravan. Orcs were rare in Hirwilo, and the squad did not want additional eyes drawn to their company.
They were stopped at the city gates. Two weary, but professional soldiers stepped forward and accosted Koubal.
"Who are you, and what is your business in Saracys?"
Koubal grinned widely, then pointed to Leipol. Leipol mumbled a curse, and replied respectfully,
"Sirs, we are humble travelers on our way to visit the famed doctors of this town. We have one who is terminally ill."
One guard suspiciously glared at Recluse, who was sniggering behind a cough.
"Well, show us the contents of the wagon then."
Leipol paused, surprised by this. He was thinking rapidly when Koubal stepped up and said conspiratorially,
"You don't want to, trust me. The poor guy we have in there has a disease that can be gotten by breathing, and the disease is very nasty."
The 2nd guard, who had been watching proceedings, started walking towards the wagon, his sword drawn.
In a flash, Leipol leaped over, and whispered something in the guard's ear. His face turned from caution into revulsion in a flash. He turned to the group and said,
You're free to go. Just make sure that caravan is secured properly."
The 7th squad of the 9th army leisurely walked in, relief at the close scrutiny of the guards.
"What did you tell him?" Koubal inquired. Leipol, blue eyes twinkling, replied,
"I said that Brawyn was physically incapacitated, and that it was contagious."
Their laughs, ringing down the narrow street, were heard by a cloaked figure, shrouded in shadow.
It was Elezar, a lowly assassin apprentice in the Guild who had spied on them. Their distinctive brogue and his sharp eyes prying out the figure of an orc, and the distinguishing ears of the elf, had convinced him that these travelers were concealing something, and he scampered off the rooftop and into the nearby Patron inn, reporting to his immediate superior of the arrivals.
Their entrance into the Patrons Inn, which had been recommended by a lone-toothed hag in the street, was marked with a pronounced silence. At last, the innkeeper, a robust middle-aged man roared.
"Come in strangers, and be welcome!"
He stopped wiping tankards and poured dark ale into 6 tankards.
"On the house! Enjoy!"
The 7th squad sidled towards the counter, Brawyn and Sielhu hidden by robes. Llewyn brightened immediately when he saw a lively card game in the corner. He sat himself in an empty seat, and chimed into the game.
In a dark secluded corner, a man with an unremarkable face sat, mulling over a cup of wine.

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