Transformable Robot Series- Kal-El landed. by Leon LLS

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As the planet Krypton destroyed,
a hastily devised
spaceship lauching it towards the earth.
The spaceship with the baby name Kal-El on board crushing towards the earth
with the gravity pull is crushing towards an remote island near The Aegean Sea,The Aegean Islands are within the sea and some bound it on its southern periphery, including Crete and Rhodes.
There are only one civilisation in that area which is 'The Atargatis'. Their appearance is an mermaid types which is
half-human, half-fish and all the species in that area which are female type.
They saw a cute little baby
inside the spaceship, as the mermaid open the door of the spaceship the baby inside with covering with a red blanket and a blue cotton shirt folded as a pillow that has a "S" sign on it. The mermaid happily carrying out the baby and he smile sweetly to the mermaid.
As a surprise to the mermaids, the infants was turn over to an orphan asylum where it astounded the attendants with its feats and strength.
The love and guidance of his kindly foster parents, which are the mermaids was to become an important factor in the shaping of the boy future.
Baby Kal-El live together happily in the mermaid island always being taking care of and love!