Transformable Robot Series- The arrival. by Leon LLS

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As the autobot spacecraft crusing with hyper light speed, crashing into the Milky way galaxy.
'I had anticipated such a move by the decepticons, the ark and its secret must never fall into its enemy hand so plotted an alternate course
that would take us on a suicidal headings directly
headed to the third planet of the solar system,farewell my friend, throught we die, at least our enemy taken with us, as Cybertron will be less enemy!'
The impact was awesome, huge clouds of dust and ash blanketed to the nearby terrain as the spacecraft embedded itself
in a volcanic mountain.
The autobot spacecraft had been silence for 8million yrs until a volcano erupt in a crescendo
of explosive brilliance!
Pinpricks of light appear inside the craft and barely audible
hum of machinery awakened by the titanic blast.
A device is is a sensor drone.
The sensor flying out of the spacecraft to gather data for transmission back to the ark. Sensor drone confirm that this planet is not cybertron and its data bank only have the capability of perceiving machanical life form. The configuration bear resemblance to decepticon attack form which is jet fighter, weapon and electrical sound devices which radio or mini-compo.
The drone also configure autobot into the vehicular autobots forms such as trucks,cars,motorcycles
and other on land automobiles.
The Autobots and The Decepticons had been awaken. The Decepticon leader Megatron commanded all his fellow Decepticons retreat and to strike later as he need to build up a defense base at the same time seeking resources to refuel their energy.