Prologue; Snowy Roads, Part 3 by oscar garcia

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SUMMARY: trying to keep it rolling. I wish there were more hours in the day. Just tell me what I can do to improve it. thanks for reading I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy writing it

Gerry walked quickly toward his house, which was next to the northernmost wall of Kados. the walls were over eighty feet tall from the inside and composed of enchanted oak from the Darkwood. It was a dark oak, resistant to fire and punishment walls would get when attacked. He heard from Aline that good stone crumbled to dust at assaults the wooden walls of Kados withstood. There were very few houses outside of the city walls. The nearest real cities were the elven cities in the Darkwood. Even they chose the safety of walls much like these. Strange things hid in those woods. Only the most hearty of men, or Demonhunters, like Rou and Maura made their homes outside of the walled city.

Gerry's home was a modest log cabin with two bedrooms and a few wood burning stoves made by Mikal over the past few years. His son, Benoni was riving strips of wet wood with a froe in the front yard. He could use the strips to make hurdles that would fence their goats in when he took them out to feed. Made right, they would connect to each other without nails, or glue of any sort. Ben frequently took the goats outside the walls in the daytime, as long as he stayed close to the walls. The grass was green and lush there. Plenty of food for many more goats than what they had. Benoni should have already taken them out today, and even after working a little while, Gerry was sure that his son would be eager to go with him to the Shinto farm and spend some time with Volar. Maybe they would stay the night.

Benoni was a large boy of thirteen years. Gerry marveled about how much the boy looked like him with his dark skin and light brown hair. His gray eyes, though, were a gift from his mother. Gerry saw his wife, Leota. She was a light skinned, dark haired beauty that the years had definitely been kind to. She smiled when she saw him through the window and went to greet him at the front door with a peck on the lips.

"Is everything okay?" she asked when she saw the worried look on his face.

"I think so." he replied. "Aline says that she feels something stirring. It may affect us here soon enough."

Leota tilted her head, listening as she went to the counter to grind some corn in a matate.

"I have to go see Rou and Maura." Gerry told her. "If what Aline feels is serious, they will be aware of it and know what to do." Rou and Maura protected Kados, and with their powers, would know more than Aline.

"Will you be back tonight?" she asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"I think so, but could you pack enough food for two?" he asked. "I think Ben would like to see Volar."

"Great!" she said. "He has been talking for weeks about going to see Volar, but he wanted to go with you. He says he never has any fun when he goes with me." She pulled two round loaves of bread from a cupboard and cut them into two neat halves with a bread knife. "Maybe you two should plan on staying the night there. No sense in tiring the horses too much."

Gerry did not think it was a bad idea. It would be great to spend some quality time with Benoni anyway.

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