Lockdown - 31 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Yep, we've skipped 10 chapters. You'll find out why later.

Chapter 31 Days 5 to 9.

--/Day 5 09:15 Hours/--
--/Level 1-001 Sorrell's Private Lounge/--

"She did what?" Sorrell asked, an eyebrow raised in question as he poured himself a glass of mixed Ragnorian fruit juices. He was standing by his desk, tight fitting exercise kit that was damp with sweat. Sorrell always liked to start his day with physical exertion, it made the rest of his day seem simpler. It was the reason for his muscular physique.

"She didn't fulfil the contract. This Grissom character is still active, the Lorast Ambassador is dead, as is most of his retinue. She took the payment, but didn't carry out her task." Kliess said, standing, as ever, with his hands behind his back. He bore no real facial expressions, the years of brutal violence and death had removed them.

"Impudent, Wren... impudent." Sorrel said, shaking his head. Already he was plotting. If it was known that she had defied him, other crime lords on the station and off it would take it as a sign of failing influence, perhaps stepping up many of their plans to kill him and take over his holdings. She'd never done this before.

"What do you want to do about it, sir?" Kliess asked.

"Contact Endfolder, have him double the bounty on her." Sorrell said, moving to his chair and sipping his juice. The bounty, that was very little in the way of retaliation. No, he would need time to think of something better.

"Sir, the chances of that yielding results..." Kliess continued.

"I know. I know." Sorrell said, rubbing his chin. "Her insubordination is something we've never had to deal with before. What sort of punishment do you think would be appropriate for someone that we can't touch?"

"We can't blacklist her, her reputation is too well established, no matter what we say about her. We have no contact information apart from her expendable middleman..." Kliess droned, eliminating options as he went.

"Patriotism." Sorrell said, clicking his fingers. "She insisted on the death of Youren as payment because of the assassination of that Ragnorian minister on Tay last week. She did this for Ragnor. So we simply make things difficult for the Ragnorians." Sorrell explained, swirling his glass slightly. "Get me the Ragnorian Ambassador here for tonight."

--/+13 Hours 22 minutes/--
--/Level 1-001 Main Audience Chamber/--

"You have a great deal of influence with her." Sorrell stated. Ambassador Fergal was taken aback for a moment, before his instinctive and well practised diplomatic smokescreen was in place again. The two were stood by one of the internal windows, the upwards angle of view revealing the internal cone of the station, giving an idea of just how massive Neutral 3 truly was. Fergal was wearing a light blue suit, open at the front. A casual choice.

"I'm afraid you are misinformed, Commander. I do not have any contact with the individual you are speaking of." Fergal replied, the standard reply. He didn't like using Sorrell's rank. Although Sorrell was a Ragnorian like him, the man was an outcast, a criminal, a murderer and a disgrace to his race.

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