Baby bird by Joe Moler

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Baby bird

Yesterday I saw a baby bird hidden in the bush in the yard behind the building. The other birds were coming cautiously to feed her. I left for work and forgot about the baby bird, the bush and the feeding, but last night as I just lied in the bed listening to the rhythm of rain and same lazy music on the radio something reminding on the bird. What happened? She is probably still laying in the bush and thinking where the mother bird is to put an umbrella made of her feeders and protect her from rain....and what is rain all about. Harry Smith, my friend, a big laver of birds and womanizer who is sometimes more sorry when he loses a bird than a girlfriend. He knows a lot about both so I called him to get the answer.
Hey Harry, can baby bird survive out of the nest in this heavy rain.
He was thinking and told me in a sad voice; bird will die, no chance.
But Harry, she is in the bush, and tomorrow will be a nice sunny day, the other birds are going to visit her and bring food...Harry was listening and once again said; she will die Joe, baby bird will die.
Harry, did you finish any school for birds.
No, I didn't....
Ok, ok, Harry, good night.
I cut the connection and looked outside. Harry did not finish school for the birds and he is probably wrong. Poor Harry, he is wrong, bird will survive, yes, she will.
This rainy night I dreamed how I flew together with the baby bird and I was happy that Harry was totally wrong.
Poor Harry.