Twilight Claims Dominion by Thomas Williams

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He knew what his mind couldn'tówouldn'tódeal with any more accusations.

"My dad use to tell me how death would embed itself to your shadow days before your death. He said Death finds it amusing," Tyson faltered, wondering if his tale should have been voiced. After all, he didn't want to offend death. He continued, however, " watching people wallow in their own filth and misery."

"Let me tell you." Tyson jumped, startled by the voice in his ear. Death sat beside him, resting his hand on Tyson's knee, " My dad once told me that humans were the most arrogant sons of bitches you'd ever encounter. He once told me that they loved to inflict pain on one another to feed their beastly desires. I agreed, of course. It all sounded very fun." His voice was deep and guttural and so was his laugh. "I'm kidding. I was human once, you know."

Grim smiles played about their lips. "How do you feel?"

"Never better," Tyson said. His brow rose theatrically and his voice lowered to a strained whisper. "There was the time I got stabbed in that whore-house downtown. But this," he paused and then nodded his head vigorously, "yeah, this is much better." They played the game back and forth until silence ensued and they were left with nothing but their thoughts.

"Tell me," Tyson said, slicing the silence with his withered voice, "what lies beyond the veil?"

Death shrugged ever so slightly, a move that seemed unfamiliar to his body. He smiled, and turned his head to look at Tyson. The moonlight lit his face and for a second his eyes turned blue. It disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. "I don't really know what lies beyond death." He saw the quizzical look on Tyson's face and continued, "I don't remember. Is that sad?" His voice grew distant and Tyson was quickly noticed the pain laced in his voice.

To Tyson it looked as if he was searching his mind for his lost memories. "I was the first person to die and you would think that something so drastic as death would be implanted in my mind. But alas, here I am. I became what took me in my short existence." He shifted his gaze back to Tyson. "I don't know what awaits you beyond the "veil" but I hope your met with some sort of paradise."


That night he slept. It had been such a long time since he had a good night's rest; he didn't remember what it felt like.

That night he dreamed of an escape. His demented laugh echoed throughout the building as he paraded down the halls, gutting his captors in such a swift and ruthless manner. The dream didn't last long. He was awakened by tormented cries that he swore shook the prison's foundation.

As he was dragged from the cell, he didn't scream nor cry. He learned a long time ago that his relentless cries didn't prevent the torture they would inflict on him. The last thing he saw was Death lurking in the shadows of every corner.


He woke to find his head emerged in a bucket of water. His immediate reaction was a scream that tapered his breaths and caused an explosion of bubbles. He thrashed in the water but firm hands held him in place.

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