Techitomy by John Herbert

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SUMMARY: Just another war on another unknown planet at an unknown time, against an unknown foe, in an unknown universe, with an unknown character! Just a lot of unknowns

Gun shots pierce my ear and split the heavy air around me. I could not feel my face because of the ringing in my head. I lay there completely petrified beyond my ability to properly think. All my training had failed me. There was nothing I could do but tighten every muscle in my body. So tight that if you dropped a rock on me it would bounce three feet in the air like a trampoleen. After five minutes an uncanny silence split my head in two because, when one goes from being bombarted with high pitched sounds the ringing of your ear drums makes it all the more intense. Another two minutes bit the dust and over runs my buddy Karl with a sickly grin on his face, "Yo dude, I wonder what those disgusting slim bags are up to now." He said taking a quick peek in the darkness over the lip of our trench. "I hope I get to kill some of 'em soon all this laying here getting hammered like your mother on a saturday night is killing me."

I turn my head very slowly since it was still stiff from the tension. "I don't know, dude" was the only response I could utter at that moment. I knew it didn't really matter what I said because one he probably couldn't make it out and two he really was just as scarred as me. "Here they come!", I heard a faint shout from a couple holes to our left. "Oh great I thought, I'll just lay here and hurl my insanely heavy gun at them, cause hell if I can remember how the damn thing works."

Soon there was a barrage of screaming and shooting loud quick bursts that were now as farmiliar to me as the birds chirping below my house in the morining. I remembered when we first moved there, my wife and I used to sit out on the terrace every morning and just listen to the birds chirping below us. We used to watch the sunrise at about two or three in the morning. Those were happier times. Then all of this caught up to me and I don't know where I went wrong but something keeps reminding me that I am here now and there is nothing I can do about it and so I just have to do what needs to be done; my orders.

So with no courage just an urgency to get my death over and done with I made the call for a charge. The last final thing that I knew I would ever have a chance of doing. I started shouting, "ALRIGHT YOU PUSSY LICKING LADIES, LETS GET UP OFF OUR ASSES AND PLASTER THOSE SCUMBAGS ... It's time to charge!" Lifting with all my strength and immediately breaking a sweat even in this cold, I put full force into ever motion and charged up the dirt bank. Then came the amplified battle cries which we knew would stun the enemy for only a split second but we all hoped it would keep us alive long eoungh to lay down at least one more slimmer.