Whispers by Mal Kennrae

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SUMMARY: A story about a him and a her.

She leaned casually against the wall. She was the picture of relaxed and cool. One foot rested with it's heal against the wall. Her dark hair pulled back from her face.

He leaned in towards her. He was much taller than her. Her head came a little bit above his shoulder. He put his mouth by her ear to tell her something, so no one else will be able to hear.

She smiled a little and looked up at him. He looked down at her, his blue eyes penetrating.

Her smile encouraged him. He said something again into her ear. She looked down at the floor shyly and removed her foot from the wall. She took a step from the wall and turned away from him.

He walked around her and leaned into her ear again. He never really looked at her, ether looking past or looking to the side when he talked.

But she, she always looked at him.

After what he said she was silent. She looked to the side of her, away from him for the first time.

Then her eyes snapped up to meet his. His eyes a brilliant blue. Her eyes a vibrant green.

They stood there, looking into each others eyes. He finally looked away to her hands. They were relaxed at her sides. He reached out his big hand to take her small hand in his.

He looked at her. She looked away to her hand in his. A smile played on the edges of her mouth. And her eyes danced when she looked up again.

He moved so he was standing next to her. Together they walked away. With him whispering to her that she is beautiful.