Lockdown - 33 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Chantal is fast becoming my biggest fan, look out Starman03. Now Im picturing a fan-vs-fan areana of combat....

Chapter 33 – Level 5-167 Docking Access.

--/Day 9 21:06 Hours/--
--/Level 5-167 Docking Access/--

Farn hit the power down control on the communications console and sighed. No new messages here either. There had to be something to help him get off this station. If he couldn't rely on his boss then who the hell could he rely on. He was about to leave the ship and the docking bay and get something quite strong to drink when he heard the smuggling shaft rattle and clank into life. He almost jumped at the noise, but managed to keep his calm.

He raised a quizzical eyebrow and reached for his handgun. Nobody knew about that shaft apart from him, his boss, a guy in Chaos Cluster and the damned witch he'd smuggled onto the station when he'd last arrived here six days ago. There was a clanking and then the doors drew back.

Three figures piled out, all splashed with blood. Farn sighed. A one-eyed Tayan, a skinny Carene with a sword, a huge armoured Nethrek. It was then he recalled something about Grissom promising to kill and gut him the next time he saw him. He decided that for now, staying in the ship would be a very good idea. He hit the button for the ship's defence grid. Two small space-combat cannons whirred to life on the nose of the ship.

"Farn?" Davan's voice came through on the ship's internal speakers. "Is that you?" Farn half-smiled and offered a casual wave out the front window. He noted that Tenzanin seemed to be clutching at his shoulder, but couldn't see a wound there.

"Yeah man. What's up?" He said, distinctly not being his usual talkative self. He knew that these guys, Grissom especially, knew about his rank and knew that he had a great deal to do with the actions involving the death of a Lorast ambassador somewhat recently.

"You wanna come out here? We could use your help?" Davan said. Tenzanin was kneeling against the back wall of the docking bay, trying to find something in one of his pockets. Grissom, on the other hand, was pointing his weapon directly at Farn's head. Somehow, Farn guess that the front window of the Kil-Tauler wouldn't make much difference to a weapon of that calibre. The last thing Farn wanted to do was go out there right now.

"Nah, thanks but I'm alright in here actually." He said, motioning towards Grissom with his head. Davan nodded.

"Grissom, we're gonna need him for the job. He's a squad-mate for now." Davan said. Grissom hesitated for a minute. Then he lowered his gun. He reached up and flipped the latch on his helmet, pulling it free. There was a scowl etched onto his hideous features, but he looked away. Farn nodded to Davan in thanks.

"Great, so he's not going to kill me, right?" Farn said. Davan nodded. "That's great, as I have a real aversion to being shot by people who... well any people really, it would really put a damper on my day, you know..." He was disembarking from and powering down the Kil-Tauler. "Well I guess it would put a damper on pretty much anyone's day and all that, seeing as how one would end up shot at the end of it... so, what was that about a job and me being needed for it?"

--/+18 minutes 57 seconds/--
--/Level 7-167 ‘The Asteroid'/--

Davan wasn't covered in blood anymore, Farn had leant him a spare shirt as they had passed by Farn's apartment on the way here.

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