Slowly Disappear by Kyle Archer

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SUMMARY: How does a werewolf disappear. Not yet finished


Puffs of air ran past frozen lips and blue fingers grasped at the earth. The change had been instantaneous, occurring due to her complete loss of energy. She had been running so long, her haunches ached and she lost her way long ago.

She lay on the ground, bare skin covered by bits of leaves and grass blades but also marred by lengthy cuts and scratches. Her fingers flexed dragging lines through the earth as her razor sharp claws sank back into her skin. She moaned in pain as her teeth slowly shrank back to normal size and her vocal cords took on human shape.

As the change completed it's regression she laid there on her side breathing hard trying desperately to keep in the tears that had threatened to fall for most of the night. But to no avail, she wrapped her arms around her legs and she pulled them to her chest as the tears fell; burning hot trails down her frozen face. Her breathes came faster and soft wails of emotional pain entered the quiet clearing resting in the middle of an expanse forest.

Thousands of animals stopped their midnight ministrations to listen to the soft cries and far off in the distance if you listened hard you could make out the howls of wolves; they were answering her trying in their own way to give her solace from her pain.

She could not stop her tears but her brethren's cries gave her strength so she tried her hardest to in the least bit to stop her wails. She seceded.

With tears still making steady trails down her cheeks she bent out her arms from her legs and lifted herself into a sitting position. She brought her legs around to sit Indian style with her head down cast.

Her thick, rich, red hair fanned around her pale face and she whispered into the darkness.

"Disappear... how does a wolf disappear?" Her voice broke on the last word and her wails began again.

Using her last bit of energy she forced her teeth to elongate and she bit into her wrist to bloke out the mental pain she was experiencing. She fell to darkness.

Dead-chapter one

"Now, now please wake up wolf ling. I can't have you dieing on me now."

Through her groggy dreams of blackness she could make out the cragginess of a male voice asking her to stay alive. Life what use does she have of it.

She was just about to let herself fall back into peaceful blackness when the delicious smell of meat entered her nostrils, the sweet, juicy, charred, tangy smell of steak. Her stomach rumbled loudly announcing her hunger.

"Well obviously this steak isn't going to eat its self young lady, do you mind waking yourself we have much to talk about." There was that voice again. It belonged to a plump middle-aged man, resembling a kind grandfather with an open face and a joyous smile. His balding head was rimmed in frail silver hairs but his beard was full and thick with light brown hair.

The pale girl finally cracked open her dry and swollen eyes to the onslaught of sunlight that she later pinpointed to originate from a small window right above the soft bed she also found herself to be resting upon.

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