A Sad Case by Tiffany Little

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SUMMARY: A short story detailing a young girls attempt to bring her mothers abusive spouse to justice.

"It happens the same way everytime, ya know?

All seems well alright at first. Treats her good, not like all the others, finally someone she deserves. Its all great, all smells of roses. Yeah well, roses have thorns, ... this was another one of the pricks.

It happens the same way almost everytime; though you never realise it till afterwards. Till your minds clear and all the love has been beaten out of you. Every last drop leaves you as blood from a split lip does.

Takes time to heal.

She won't do it this time though, says its the real thing, and that shes happy ... so im supposed to believe those are tears of joy that have managed to squeeze themsleves out of the swollen mess that is her eye. Like hell i do.

Thats why im here, i had to take it on myself, don't you see? It had to be done ... i knew what it would do to her ... but like i said before, time heals. If she can get over the beatings she can get over this right? Right?

I didnt mean for it to go as far as it did. Honest. I just wanted to ... you know, piss him off enough to let him take a swing at me. But that was before, before i found out about Her.

Bet he dont lay into her with his toe caps? Nah. Didn't think so. Bitch. Why not? Nah again. S'pose he's gotta keep her sweet ain't he? She wont hang about if she knows what he's really like ... exactly. Thats why i had to let her know.

Stupid bitch wouldn't believe me though, would she? .... Needed proof. Well she's got it now.

They've all got it now.

I didn't mean for it to go this far, y'know, i didn't even push hard at first. I just got enough digs in ... just enough to light his fuse. But then there was that shirt. That blatent piece of evidence of his screwing around. In the wash. HE put it in the wash, to be clean and ironed. It had the other womens lipstick on it. And it stank ... perfume.

How could he expect ...?

That tipped me over the edge. I guess i'd been there a while ... at the edge i mean ... just standing. Looking, but then that ... and i fucking fly over.

I didn't care, i just grabbed him ... got his attention. Confronted him ... he didn't even bother to deny it. Laughed even ... i could have killed him.

Wanted to. Wanted to pound his head against the floor and ram my fists into his face and see just how tough the bully was.

But thats not where i wanted this to go. Not if it was going to save her. I had to turn it around. So i told him. Told him everything, told him exactly what i thought of him ... he laughed but i soon stopped that. O ho yeah.

I told him that i'd seen the other women, met her ... and i told him all about the things i'd said ... awful things ... all the worse because they were true. The laughter stopped, and slowly the grin faded ~ I could see him building up for it ... preparing. I recognised it. I've seen it so many time before ... this time, though. It was different ... it was for me. All for me.

I knew if i was going over the edge i had to take him with me ... So i told him just what the other women had done in response to my tale.

She didn't believe me of course ... but there was no need to tell him that.

I described in minute detail the way her face had changed as she found out who i was, and the disgust and horror at what i told her ...

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