Earth Imperium by Raul Hernandez

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SUMMARY: In the year 2080 life on earth is quickly deteriorating world war three has finally come to a conclusion, but after a brief period of peace a new war is started after an explorer ship is sent out into space, but accidentally is sent into Rashir territor

Chapter 1 Memories
Year: 2084 NE
Position Coordinates: Grid zero Sol Earth
Captains Log On board the I.E. Juggernaut Guardian Angel

Looking at her LCD screen Admiral Kylie Dy squinted and shook her head; she couldn't believe what she was seeing after four years of war with the alien race dubbed the Rashir; the aliens were finally making their move. On her screen were the latest reports, and each one of them read that the enemy was moving, and within a few hours dozens of ships were going to be crossing the border. Tapping the intercom on her desk she connected herself to the bridge where her second in command Commander Archer was monitoring the ships systems.

"Commander sound general quarters, tell tactical to ready all tubes, and warm up our cannons."

"Yes Admiral," pushing a button on his command chair Commander Archer turned the lights on the bridge from white to red, and sounded the alarm, which alerted the crew to the situation. Walking onto the bridge Kylie saw that everyone was at their stations. The bridge was dimly lit, and a green and red glow dominated the room. Standing up Kylie cleared her throat. Tapping the intercom she connected herself to the fleet, and prepared to give the fleet the news.

"Attention all crew members this Admiral Kylie Marie Dy, a few hours ago I received the latest reports on our enemy the Rashirs movements. In a few minutes sixty Rashir ships are going to enter our system. As of right now all space forces are to rally with the Guardian Angel. This is where we make our stand everyone. We must not let the enemy plant any force on our planet. Use any amount of force necessary, but don't let them get past us. Disconnecting herself from the net Kylie sat down, and began to make preparations' for the upcoming battle.

The time had come to fight. Behind her was earth beyond this there was no where to run. If the enemy planted boots then everything was lost. Turning to her tactical officer she nodded her head before punching in a set of firing solutions for her missiles "Mr. Carson order all missile tubes to be made ready. I wan every missile to be fired when I give the signal," she said looking at the radar, and the distance between her ship, and the rest of the fleet
"Yes Mam," said the young Latin American man who was sitting at the tactical position.

"Lieutenant Davis I am relaying to the fleet their positions. I want you to put us 15000 km's away from the planet, but still within in range of the orbital platforms".

"Yes Ma am", said Anita punching in the coordinates then taking control of the steering platform, and slowly taking the massive 2 km juggernaut to its position.

"Admiral I have HQ on the net band. They want to know what is our status"

"Put them through ensign Rivers." Pushing the enter button on his keyboard a holographic window popped open to reveal Native American man with a thick head of grey hair, and fine chizz led features

"Admiral Dakota it's good to see you," said Kylie looking at the man's well chizz led face.

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