Lockdown - 35 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Shameless self-plugging time. Look up Amazon, search for Alexander Shaw and see if you can find a book called The Saga of Talon Mortis. That's one of mine too.

Chapter 35 – Level 1-001.

--/Day 12 20:31 Hours/--
--/Level 1-001 Maintenance Access/--

The four men, all clad in black stealthsuits, slipped through the open door of the lift shaft that they'd sliced open. There was no sound around them, their dampners already in full effect. The last one through knelt back down and hit the controls on an automatic control. The lift doors slid shut and the elevator they'd climbed out the top of returned to its normal service. They wouldn't be leaving that way. They were in.

--/Day 10 13:49 Hours/--
--/Level 8-170 ‘Drunken Sailor'/--

"I've known him for years! That's the thing! He's always been wild!" Davan said to the blond D'Joran girl, smiling his best drunken smile. The girl giggled and smiled back. Davan had been milking it for some time now, passing off what little he knew about Farn as them being lifelong friends. The fact that he'd only know the guy for about a week would, of course, stop the flow of free drinks that were heading his way, and that would be a bad thing in his opinion.

Just as he was going to try and lure this pretty young thing back to his private bed chamber, there was a tap on his shoulder. Looking round, slightly annoyed, he realised that it was T. The D'Joran girl forgotten, Davan leant in too hear what his serious-faced friend had to say. He nodded upon the whisper, then got up and, without a backward glance, left the bar. He had what he needed from there anyway. The guy, an alcoholic ex-Legionary, said he'd take on Kobra in the pit.

--/Day 12 20:33 Hours/--
--/Level 1-001 Maintenance Access/--

"Third dome in. Move." A harsh voice whispered from the man at the front of the stealthsuit squad. He motioned with the barrel of his battle rifle. The four moved silently through the maintenance domes. They were all empty, a few discarded packing crates and some equipment kits scattered about the place. But this was turned into a water overflow layer a few years ago, so it was shin deep. This slowed the squad, but not by much. They had to keep moving.

--/Day 10 14:04 Hours/--
--/Level 7-170 Rental Workspace G/--

"Everything's accounted for? You've checked?" Davan asked as the two of them waited for the shutters to raise. Tenzanin nodded.

"Everything's good to go. Paid what we're owed." He said, showing Davan the wallet of credit-sticks. Davan returned the nod and smile.

"Not long now then." The shutters raised and the two walked in.

"Hey Davan." Torn said, from the other side of the workspace. "This is pretty cool stuff we've got here." Davan could smell the excitement on the young Nethrek from here. No fear yet, but it would be there soon.

"Yeah. Has anyone heard from Farn since his big victory this morning?" Davan asked. No answer.

--/Day 12 20:37 Hours/--
--/Level 1-001 Maintenance Access/--

They made it into the third dome. This place was completely abandoned, according to the data that the squad had been given access to before the operation, this place was only visited once every few weeks to ensure it wasn't overflowing.

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