Beginnings, Chapter 3 by Salim Farhat

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Linor simply took out gold plated pocket water to see what time it is, and as soon as he closed it shut with a snap. The third man finally slapped down a card a three of spades. The Finagi sighed as Ivan placed down a three of diamonds, followed by an ace of diamonds. With only two cards left, he just put them both down, smiling at Ivan and congratulating him. "You sure have a way of playing this game. Where'd you learn?" asked the Finagi in a deep, yet soft, voice, taking out a packet of cigarettes. "You sure you can't read minds?"

The thirty Siglos were in the center of the table, right next to where they placed the cards during the game. In a short moment they were transferred to Ivan's wallet. "My dear Zenal, let's just say that I've been playing this game for a long time," he said to Zenal. "And I think I should I should keep the actual teachers of this to myself for obvious reasons."

As the game was over, the three gentlemen began to chat over various small things, but their conversation was cut short as Ekove abruptly entered the room. The youth looked perturbed, he breathed heavily for a bit and the exposed fur on his face and arms was a little ruffed and puffed up. He immediately walked over to Ivan and said. "Ivan, we need to talk." His voice was polite, yet the urgency was unquestionably there.

"Whoa there," said Linor with a rather amused smile on his face. "You look like you've been chased by an alligator, anything wrong?" The large man seemed to laugh, but soon turned serious as he waited for Ekove's answer.

First turning his head and ears to hear out and examine the surroundings first, Ekove made sure there was nothing suspicious before responding. "I think there's someone out to get me..." this time he was a little nervous, though he soon had himself under control again, and turned himself once again to Ivan. "Look, Ivan, we really need to talk, it's very important."

"Yes, Mr. Kalnesh," said Linor, once more smiling politely. "I assume some attractive admirer is out to reel you in with her feminine charms and..." His voice tone was humorously sarcastic, typical of men of his status, though normally it would result in some amusement; though this time he was practically knocked off his chair by a slap from Zenal.

Grabbing Linor in an aggressive fashion and with a hostile look on his face, Zenal simply said. "Quit it, he's serious." He let go of Linor and, after a second, apologized for holding him in such a fashion. "I'll come with you, tell me about it." With that, he began to stand up, making sure his tail was clear of the chair before he moved away from it. He and Ekove then made eye contact, and didn't break it for an uncomfortable long period of time... uncomfortable for Ivan and Linor, that is, as it seemed that they were in some kind of trance just staring at one another.

Raising his eyebrows in confusion, Ivan crossed his arms as he looked on the scene, wondering what the purpose was and meaning of it all. He had heard stories of Finagi and Kahrie doing this, though it was far from typical at all, since it only seemed to happen when some kind of mutual danger was going on, other than that, they worked and treated it each other the same way they would treat any other individual.

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