Man or Beast : Through my Eyes by Shawn Rich

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SUMMARY: Through My Eyes is a short story about an unknown creature and it's first encounter with man. I left this story open to interpretation as to what creature it may be. In reality while writing it I imagined a Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot type creature.

The air was cold and dry a faint breeze wrustling through the trees. Beneath our feet the ground soft enough to leave faint impressions as we moved swiftly over it . In the distance a thick cloud of fog hung in the air. There were no sounds as one would expect to hear in late afternoon. Only a defining quite, so much that the hair's on my neck stood on end. I knew there was something very wrong, just what, I had yet to discover. We cautiously moved forward throug the dense fog careful not to make a sound. The closer we drew near our instincts were telling us to run away, the louder it became. A noise none of us expected to hear, it reverberated through each of us like a jolt of electricity. Part of me wanted to freeze to pretend I was somewhere else safe secure. Another part of me wanted to run away screaming in terror. The funny thing about it was I had yet to discover, if anything, what it was that was making me feel this way. The noise we were all hearing could have been any number of things certainly not worth panicking over.
Morning would soon be upon us, so we decided that whatever it was could wait till night. As we moved away from the strange sound it grew closer to us. Whatever it was now followed our every step, if we slowed it did the same. Like all great explorers I had a rather ingenius plan we could either run like rabbits down that mountain face or we could split up and do the same. There wasn't much time for debate so we each chose our own path heading for camp. The only thought in my mind was reaching the camp in one piece. Amazing how fear drives the body to do such strange things, I didn't stop even after the noise had.
Somewhere through the dense woods far beyond the thickets I heard screams of rage unlike anything I'd heard before. I have heard screams from all sorts of animals even a few unfamiliar ones but never have I heard such a horrifing sound as this. Whatever it was, appeared angry with rage to say the least. Perhaps we confused it when we split up, for now nothing could be certain. Tired I decided it best to wait for the others to give me a signal. It must have been several hours the sun was already visible, midday, it's light struggled to reach my face through the trees.
Realizing I must have passed out from exaustion I decided to search for the others. It wouldn't be wise to call to them just yet not knowing whom or what was out there. While walking along I noticed a drop of blood on several of the leaves. Whom could they belong, could one of my companions have been hurt. It wouldn't do me good to get upset now so I continued onward. Finally a sign of life my eldest friend, he appeared to be resting by an old oak tree. Before approaching him I looked about for signs of trouble.
He was leaning against that old tree as though he'd been attached to it. My attempts at waking him proved useless, I soon realized why. Pouring out of his back was a steady stream of his blood. It looked as though several small insects had burrowed themselves deep in his back.

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