Lockdown - 38 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: I like guns. Big guns. Guys in big suits with big guns. Doesn't get much better than that.

Chapter 38 Ranged Station A-172 (Outer Shell).

--/16 Years Previously (Day 5987 17:02 Hours)/--
--/Ranged Station A-172 Primary Barrack Room (Outer Shell)/--

"You have any idea what this is about, sarge?" Legionary Doa asked his commanding officer, Field Sergeant Dimitri Balune. Legionary Kriul sat nearby, picking his nails with a sharp looking knife. He had a sneer on his face, but then Kriul normally did. Dimitri looked at Doa, raising one eyebrow at his squad mate of four years.

"New recruits, to replace Fayn and Worhk." Dimitri replied, standing almost to attention. Doa nodded. They were good men, Fayn and Worhk, both dead in a ship action two months ago. They'd been due new recruits for their five-man squad since then, but hadn't received any. Kriul showed no interest. Doa twitched in anticipation.

"Any idea what we're getting?" He asked, scratching his ear.

"A new field medic, codename Obsidian, that's all I know about her. Well apart from that rumour has to her great beauty." At that, Kriul looked up, a sudden interest in his eyes. He lowered the knife. "And I think some fast tracker for promotion. Codename...codename... can't recall. Still, really pretty boy apparently. Real name of Grissom."

--/+0 minutes 0 seconds/--
--/Ranged Station A-172 Outside Primary Barrack Room/--

For the newly promoted Field Corporal Horus Grissom, this place was something of a homecoming. He hadn't set foot on the Outer Shell of Nethrek for more than three years, his previous assignment having been on a deep range patrol ship. The old troop guide had met him at the landing pad twenty minutes ago, and was currently leading him to where he'd meet the rest of his new squad. On the way, he'd met up with the other new recruit for this squad, a woman.

"I'm... I'm Phoebe, Ellenar Phoebe." The short Nethrek woman introduced herself as the old troop guide led the two of them down the corridor to the primary barracks. Grissom offered her a warm smile, the gesture suiting his handsome face, Phoebe found herself thinking.

"In here, lovebirds." The troop guide snarled, holding a door open for them. Grissom walked through first, offering the old soldier a customary salute. Phoebe, without a clue what she was doing, followed suit. Inside was a locker room, three men down at the other end of it.

"Field Corporal Grissom?" The central figure asked, a tall and imposing Nethrek, although not as large as the man he currently addressed. One, a leaner Nethrek, was leant against the wall, a knife in his hand. The final man stuck close to the speaker. He looked... twitchy.

"Reporting as ordered, sir." Grissom barked, saluting and standing to attention.

"Good." The central Nethrek said, a Field Sergeant by the insignia tattooed on his forearm. "This is Legionary Doa, the shady one in the corner is Legionary Kriul. Their callsigns are Wildfire and Valkeryie respectively. I am Field Sergeant Balune, callsign Leviathan. You will be under my command and the general command of Captain Cahrn while you are stationed here.

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