Darkon Chronicles Intro by Evan Greenwood

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SUMMARY: Intro to a much larger, work starts out in modern times in the only place in the world where magic still function.

Darkon Chronicles

Background info - Set in modern day on a dig in the Orkney Islands in the hopes of finding the fabled location of Avalon. A small group has broken off from the main dig in hopes of finding part of the riches of Avalon before the others have figured out that the data on the seismic survey map has been altered.

Darkness covered the island like a black veil, penetrated only by a sliver of moonlight lancing through cold, wintry clouds. The only sound was that of their companions labored breathing as the thin teenager worked tirelessly to open the massive entrance.

"Get on with it Barnabus you lazy good for nothing! What do you think we have all night?" The portly leader barked.

"No Duncan, its just...I mean it won't....I can't move it, Sir!" the teenager sniveled.

"If you want something done...!" Duncan yanked the pry bar from Barnabus hand and moved purposefully toward the smooth black wall. The darkness only added to the unease of the group and the stillness raised every hair on the back of their freezing necks.

Finally, with a resounding "THAWACK" Duncan managed to move the solid black mass a single inch. "Come on, are you just going to stand there?" he commanded to the rest of his crew. Immediately the rest of the band gathered to the large slate. It took all of their efforts to pry open the door just enough that Duncan could wiggle his way inside. "Get your bloody arses in here before anyone sees you and knows what we are about!" He barked again. The rest of the group reluctantly followed the man inside the dank, cavernous opening throwing longing looks over their shoulders at the frozen winter landscape they left behind.

A Sliver of moonlight raced inside the black abyss illuminating a space not touched in over two thousand years. The men stood in awe as they one by one turned on their flashlights and took in their surroundings. The room that stood before them was round and donned a domed roof. Completely made of black marble the space seemed enormous. "It must be 50 feet across with at least 15 foot ceilings" Barnabus remarked in awe.

Within moments their eyes adjusted to the darkness. Before them appeared four massive statues in the center of the room. The figures seemed to be holding an enormous crystal, spanning eight foot across and eleven foot tall. The crystal hung suspended from the roof directly into the four figures out stretched arms. At the base of the structure, the beams of their flashlight struck a liquid pool causing it to glow with an iridescent light.

With growing curiosity, Duncan tentatively caressed the unknown substance and found it to be as solid as stone. Not believing his senses he ordered the other men to come and test the pool as well. The balding man sat his flashlight on the solid pool and journeyed around the structure surveying it. Much to the surprise and awe of the band the flashlight slowly began to sink into the solid appearing pool. "How'd it do that?" Barnabus squeaked.

Duncan was too dumbfounded to notice what had occurred at the pool.

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