Darkon Chronicles Intro by Evan Greenwood

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He was staring too intently at the statues themselves. The statues were carved out of the same black marble that encased the room. They easily stood 12 feet high, the expressions on their immaculate faces was one of peace, but left an eerily, malicious feeling when one stared into their glimmering ruby eyes. "Those Ruby's are the size of me fist!" the skinny man drawled excitedly.

He quickly threw down his pack and began to gingerly climb onto one of the statues in hopes of reaching one of the bountiful rubies. As he ascended the leg of one of the massive shapes, Barnabus let out a frightening howl "Holy SHIT! Look at his pack! It's moving on its own!" He was pointing wildly while trying to jump into Duncan's portly arms for protection.

"Get off of me before I kick your sorry arse!" the big man growled and pushed the squeamish teenager aside. Meanwhile, the pack had gravitated toward the pool and was now sinking into the liquid the same way the flashlight had before it.

"Boss over here I found something!" called the balding man.

Duncan sauntered over to one of the huge black walls to join the balding man. There sat a massive black marble door 12 feet high and several feet thick by the look of it. "I bet the loot is behind it boss!" remarked the giant of a man from behind Duncan. Duncan jumped in surprise at the Scott's burley booming voice. In the cavern filled with silence it echoed around the room with eardrum shattering noise.

"Angus, keep it down, do you want to wake the whole camp?" Duncan reprimanded.

"No Sir, sorry Sir" Angus whispered. The three continued to survey the door intently.

"How do suppose we open it sir?" the balding man queried while stroking his goatee in thought.

"Simmons I don't care how you get it open just do it you bumbling idiot!" Duncan snapped.

Grabbing his pick axe off a loop on his pack Angus delivers a mighty reverberating blow to the solid door. Simmons snatches the axe from Angus's meaty fist "What the hell do you think your doing! That door is over 2000 years old at the very least don't you think there are better ways of opening it than smashing it to bits you big dumb ox?"

Slapping Simmons upside the back of the head Duncan barks "I don't care if he brings the whole thing down just get that damned door opened and get it opened NOW!" Shooting Simmons a sneer Angus yanks back his axe and begins pounding at the door. Following suit Simmons pulls his pick axe free of its bindings and adds his blows to the cause. The noise was deafening as the sound of the two axes hitting in unison reverberated from every angle of the room. All the men covered their ears until the obnoxious noise ceased. Expecting to find a good start to the demolition of the massive door Simmons eyes widened in horror. "It just ain't possible!" he shook his head in disbelief. "There's not a bloody mark!"

Duncan shoves his way in between Angus and Simmons caressing the point where the 2 axes had struck. "Amazing! Absolutely bloody amazing!" he mused.

Simmons asks," How are we going to get this thing opened?"

The group steps back and ponders silently for a moment.

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