Meet Me on the Other Side by Wil Moore

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SUMMARY: One of my first stories about an unlikely group of people who meet in a world with no limits.

Jerome sat at his desk flipping through the files that had found their way into the ‘In' bow that rested on the corner. He didn't know what he was looking for; not really, he just wanted to look busy, professional. He just wanted to make proud those who wished to be proud of him.

A knock at the door startled him and before he could respond the door opened, in walked a young woman. She smiled adequately when she spotted Jerome and moved across the room to him.

The woman had a soft face and slender body. Her large brown eyes complimented her long shining brown hair that looked lighter than air. She licked her crimson lips, then spoke.

"Good morning sir. I trust that you had a pleasant weekend?" she asked. Her voice was soothing but quick, as in a down-to-business manner.

"Yes, I-" Jerome started. His deep voice echoed through the office. The room was large, expensive, and a complete waste of space.

"Good." the woman interrupted. It was apparent that she had no time for small talk and had only asked the question out of routine. "My name is Ann. I'm your new secretary sent over from the north office. This is my data sheet." Ann handed over a manila folder. "After you sign it I'll send it to payroll and hopefully get paid on time." She breathed.

"Uhh, yes." Jerome said getting a hold of himself. He opened the folder and skimmed the top page. "Yes, I'll have it for you by-"

Jerome stopped short as he noticed another figure b the door. It was a woman, leaning against the doorframe. Once she realized she had been spotted, she entered the office and joined Ann in front of the dark wooden desk.

"Good morning Sir. I'm Sasha, from accounting." The woman said.

Sasha was not at all like Ann. Her words were hard, devoid of feeling and personality. Her face was stern ad forceful, as if it had a voice of it's own that screamed for attention. And it did deserve attention, both of the women did. They were young and beautiful, sleek and stylish, mysterious and smart.

They both wore what looked like the same suit, only different colors. Short skirts, a low cut jacket with a buttoned blouse underneath it. Ann's was red, while Sasha's was gray. Jerome had an untrained eye for fashion; the two suits probably had a million things that differentiated them that only they could tell.

Jerome saw the both of them smiling down at him but knew that behind their stretched lips were the words ‘hurry up, I'm busy you fool.'

"Sasha, from accounting." Jerome repeated, "What can I do for you?"

"Well, the numbers for the Cutler account aren't making any sense to me. I think you need to go over the settlement again." Sasha proposed. Either she had yet to realize she was interrupting, or simply didn't care.

"Okay, I'll-" Jerome began.

"Like excuse me?" Ann belted while turning to face Sasha. "I was in the middle of something, can't this wait?"

Sasha peered down at the desk to see what it was that Ann was there to accomplish, once she saw the payroll folder a small chuckle escaped her.

"I think the Cutler account is a little more important than you paycheck.

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