Lockdown - 41 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Still here, doing the Lockdown thang... haven't heard from my devoted fans lately....?

Chapter 41 The Ti'ian.

--/15 Years Previously (Day 5294) 12:42 Hours/--
--/Ti'ian Central Observation Spine/--

Space. Big, black, interrupted by the tiny pinpricks of distant light, the only thing that can be described as truly endless. Tenzanin Orem sat on the observation deck, looking up at the space window that stretched out across the observation spine. It was a quiet area of the Ti'ian, little traffic or passengers came down here. That's why Tenzanin liked it.

-fzzzt- "Kid, you there?" The radio link on his belt crackled. Tenzanin sighed. "Kid? Pick up the damn radio." He hated being called kid, especially by that pushy Korsneakian fucker Searrin. Just because he'd been working for Mr. Mist for years and Tenzanin had only met him once, indeed, only joined his crew six months ago, it wasn't what Tenzanin had hoped for.

"Yeah, I'm here. What now." Tenzanin said, standing up slowly. He'd been sat cross-legged on the deck, some of his muscles were stiff. He'd been there most of the morning. Searrin could look after the package for now. There was a meaningful silence on the other end of the radio link and Tenzanin considered sitting back down.

"The ship's about to go into Hyperspace. You want to head back down here?" Searrin's gruff voice. Tenzanin cursed under his breath, but knew that Searrin was right. If he wasn't strapped in when they went into hyperspace then bad things could happen to his health.

"I'll be down in a minute." Tenzanin replied, then clicked off his radio.

--/+12 minutes 27 seconds/--
--/Deck 19 Quarters G-72/--

"Strap yourself in, kid." Searrin ordered, pointing to the other set of hyperspace restraints. Tenzanin nodded, pressing the door closed behind him. The ship would be jumping in only a few minutes. Searrin shook his head, thinking that if this kid moved any slower then snails would overtake him. Tenzanin sat, wrapping the first strap across his face, then slipping his arms into the harnesses. He rested back against the seat.

"So when do we-" He began.

The ship lurched, as if it were in a hundred places at once, ripping a gap in normal space big enough for the hull. Tenzanin thrashed against the restraints, feeling like his skin was trying to crawl away, feeling his blood snapping like it were plastic, then his-

"That's it kid, we're in hyperspace." Searrin said, releasing the waist strap on his young companion, smiling to himself at how ridiculous Tenzanin had looked just a moment ago. The young Carene slumped against his chair, sweating. He'd never been in a jump before now.

"That... that..." Tenzanin began to stutter.

"Hurts, doesn't it." Searrin said, grinning. Searrin himself was a Space Marshal, an Alliance Law Enforcement officer that travelled on a great deal of inter-system ships. This made him a useful employee of Mr. Mist, as smuggling ringleader, in his back pocket.

"Yeah..." Tenzanin said, slipping out of the harness. "What now?"

"We wait until we hit Starport A-7, then we deliver." Searrin said.

"I got that part, I mean, what do we do in the meantime?" Tenzanin asked, consciously checking his body that everything was still attached as he spoke.

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