The Lesser Evil by J.C. Hill

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SUMMARY: Submission for the "Mostly Dialogue" Flash fiction contest.

"Xiicsus! Just what do you think you are doing?"
"Oh, um, hi, Gorsic. I was just, you know, watching the humans."
"Watching their young play, you mean. Kid, you're a demon. An imp. A soulless beast of the Nether Realm. We've talked about this!"
"I know, I know. It's just that they're so..."
"So what? Cute? Cuddly? For Asmodeus' sake, you're supposed to be a blight on their kind, not a fanboy!"
"Why? Tell me why we have to torment them all the time, Gorsic. Can't we just leave them alone once in a while? You know, like a vacation? We could do something else, like... like go lay on a hillside and stare up at the clouds or something."
"You've been talking to those Fairies again, haven't you? Look, we have a job to do, and it ain't making the flowers grow, like those pansy flit-wings. It's serious work. Sowing Chaos and strife is a noble calling, boy-o. Without us, the humans would get soft. Their world would stagnate and they'd all die of boredom. Which is worse, a few murders, some drug addicts, the occasional gang war, or the total destruction of their world?"
"But I don't like hurting them, Gorsic."
"Nobody said it was an easy job, kid, but someone has to do it. And that someone is you and me. Got it?"
"Yeah, yeah, I get it. I don't suppose I could put in for a transfer, huh?"
"You can take it up with the Supervisor when your shift is over, if you want. He might be willing to let you go work for the Fairies."
"Gee, do you really think so?"
"Actually... no. He's more likely to rip out your spleen and feed it to the larvae. But feel free to ask."
"Right. So... Chaos and strife?"
"Yep. That's our lot, I'm afraid. Come on. Let's go lead that crack dealer we saw earlier over to those kids."
"Ok, I'm coming. Hey, Gorsic?"
"After work, you want to go lay on a hillside and watch the clouds roll by or something?"
"Don't make me rip your spleen out, kid."